Fall 3004

7-player variant played on the standard map with two modifications. Similar to Seismic but with some differences. Created by Jeremy Maiden. GM: Pedros.

Fall 3004

Postby Pedros » 21 Mar 2011, 11:26

It's still the earthquaks season! Germany's boundary changing regularly! And Turkey's now in serious trouble; suddenly Germany and Russia are in the lead.

No retreats, so we move straight to builds and destroys: Adjustments are due by 0900 GMT (0400 EST) on Tuesday 22 March

Current SC count: 34; target 18

Geophysical events.gif
Geophysical events.gif (36.4 KiB) Viewed 627 times

Geophysical.gif (36.28 KiB) Viewed 627 times

Austria: Palin
Earthquake Boh-Vienna border : Bounced (Germany)

Stabilize Greece
Stabilize Serbia
Stabilize Vienna
Stabilize Trieste
Stabilize Budapest

Army Greece support Army Serbia move Bulgaria : Resolved
Army Serbia move Bulgaria : Resolved
Army Albania support Army Greece hold : Resolved
Army Budapest support Army Trieste move Vienna : Cut from Rumania
Army Trieste move Vienna : Bounced

France: vaderi
Earthquake on the border of Munich and Bohemia : Resolved
Stabilize Wales
Stabilize Lvp
Stabilize Marseilles
Stabilize Tyrrhenian Sea
Stabilize Burgundy
Stabilize Paris
Stabilize MAO

This time I'm not forgetting the second part of my orders.

A MAO Move Eng : Resolved
F Western Mediterranean Move MAO {sec accepted} : Resolved
A Lvp Hold : Resolved
A Marseilles Hold : Resolved
A Paris Move Picardy : Resolved
A Brest Support MAO to Eng : Resolved
A Burgundy Move Munich : Invalid

Germany: thapauly
Earthquake Munich/Burgundy Border : Resolved

Stabilize Bohemia/Vienna Border
Stabilize Bohemia
Stabilize Belgium
Stabilize Holland
Stabilize Kiel
Stabilize Denmark
Stabilize Berlin

Army Yorkshire to Edinburgh : Resolved
Army London Hold : Resolved
Army Belgium Hold : Resolved
Army Vienna Hold : Resolved
Army Bohemia Support Army Vienna Hold : Resolved
Fleet Denmark Support Fleet Baltic Sea to Hold : Resolved
Fleet Baltic Sea Support Fleet Denmark to Hold : Resolved

Italy: GhostEcho
Seismic: Venice-Trieste Earthquake. : Resolved
Stabilize: Venice, Piedmont, Rome, Naples

A Apu -> Ven : Resolved
A Pie -> Tyr : Resolved
A Ven -> Pie : Resolved
F Ion -> Tunis : Bounced

Russia: laserr
Land heave Serbia : Bounced (Austria)

Stabilize: Sweden, Norway, Warsaw, Rumania, Ankara, Ukraine, Moscow, StP

Norway support Sweden to hold : Resolved
GoB support Sweden to hold : Resolved
Sweden support Norway to hold : Resolved
Ankara hold : Resolved
Black sea -> Armenia {wc accepted} : Resolved
Rumania -> Budapest : Bounced
Ukraine -> Rumania : Bounced
Warsaw hold : Resolved

Turkey: chrisman39
Fleet Tunis- Hold : Resolved
Fleet Bulgaria- Black Sea : Resolved
Fleet Aegean- Constantinople : Resolved

Stabilize Tunis

Land Heave Ankara : Bounced (Russia)

Austria 4 SCs, 5 units, 1 destroy
France 7 SCs, 7 units, 0 builds
Germany 9 SCs, 7 units, 2 builds
Italy 4 SCs, 4 units, 0 build
Russia 9 SCs, 8 units, 1 builds
Turkey 1 SCs, 3 units, 2 destroys
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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