Spring 3002

7-player variant played on the standard map with two modifications. Similar to Seismic but with some differences. Created by Jeremy Maiden. GM: Pedros.

Spring 3002

Postby Pedros » 24 Feb 2011, 19:09

The brutal mugging of England continues as Heligoland is lifted, marooning and destroying that fleet. To make matters worse, Russia joins in and England NMRs! Much more difficult to be sure what's going on in the East.

And this is a year for creating new SCs - three altogether (Ukraine, Syria, Piedmont). So Total SC count is now 36 and the current target is 19.

Apart from the destruction of the English North Sea fleet there were no effects on units from the geo attacks, so I've only posted one map this time.

Fall orders are due at 1700 GMT (1200 EST) on Sunday 27 February - no SC creation this time.

Geophysical.gif (34.17 KiB) Viewed 791 times

Austria: Palin
Stabilize Budapest
Stabilize Vienna
Stabilize Trieste
Stabilize Serbia
Stabilize Greece
Marine Platform Uplift Bulgaria : Bounced (Turkey)

Army Serbia move Bulgaria : Don't get your feet wet!
Army Greece support Army Serbia move Bulgaria : Oh dear!
Army Vienna move Trieste : Resolved
Army Budapest hold : Resolved

England: SkeyeRage

France: vaderi
Marine Plate Uplift Irish Sea : Resolved

Stabilize English Channel
Stabilize English Channel
Stabilize Brest
Stabilize Paris
Stabilize North Sea

F Portugal Move MAO : Resolved
A Spain Move Marseilles : Resolved
A English Channel Move Irish Sea : Resolved
A Brest Move English Channel : Resolved
A Paris Move Picardy : Resolved

Germany: thepauly
ssMarine Platform Uplift Helgoland Bight : Resolvedss
Stabilize Munich
Stabilize Kiel
Stabilize Berlin
Stabilize Belgium
Stabilize Holland
Stabilize Denmark

Army Holland to North "Sea" : Resolved
Army Belgium Support Army Holland to North "Sea" : Resolved
Fleet Denmark Support Army Holland to North "Sea" : Resolved

Italy: GhostEcho
Event: Create SC Piedmont : Resolved
Stabilize: Piedmont, Rome, Naples

A Piedmont H : Resolved
A Tunis -> Tyrhennian : Resolved
A Adriatic H : Resolved

Russia: laserr
geo attack - making SC Ukraine : Resolved

stabilize: Ukraine, Norway, Rumania, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw

Ukraine support Rumania to hold : Resolved
Rumania hold : Resolved
St. Petersburg -> Finland : Resolved
Norway support Holland -> North sea : Resolved

Turkey: chrisman39
Constantinople MOVE BULGARIA : Resolved
Smyrna MOVE East Med : Resolved
Aegean Sea SUPPORT Constantinople-BULGARIA : Resolved

Aegean Sea
Eastern Med
CREATE SC Syria : Resolved
"Sooner or later, one of us will stab the other. But for now we're both better off as allies" (kininvie)
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