US Diplomacy-Final Results

10-player variant set in North America with 50 USA supply centres. Created & brought to site by tarheel86. GM: tarheel86. WINNER: shavemybaby (Florida).

US Diplomacy-Final Results

Postby tarheel86 » 07 Apr 2011, 06:53

WINNER: Florida (shavemybaby): 28 centers

Arizona (gislason): 15 centers
Texas (Santiago Matamoros / kogarfire22): 7 centers

New Hampshire (Acemaster): eliminated in 2012
Kansas (mat.gopack): eliminated in 2009
Minnesota (Spekulatius): eliminated in 2009
Tennessee (Klik/Klak): eliminated in 2007
Washington (Dran Savo): eliminated in 2007
Maryland (WFU03): eliminated in 2006
New York (richrey529): eliminated in 2004

The Fall 2013 map:


ARIZONA (gislason):
no orders received

FLORIDA (shavemybaby):
AL Support MS to hold
CT-NY (bounced)
GA Support NC-TN
GMex Convoy FL-LA
KY Support TN-MO
MA Hold (no order given)
MAO Support NAO to hold
MI Support IL-WI
MS Support FL-LA
NAO Hold
NH Hold (no order given)
NY-Ont (bounced)
Ont-MN (bounced)
Que Support NY-Ont
SAO Support GMex to hold
VT Hold (no order given)

TEXAS (kogarfire22):
no orders received
LA dislodged by FL-LA, auto-destroyed
MO dislodged by TN-MO
WI dislodged by IL-WI

Technically, Texas could have retreated either its MO army or its WI army to IA. However, since this would have been pointless, I decided to go ahead and disband both of them.

I think it's unfortunate that this game ended due to NMRs, but it is what it is. I seriously doubt, however, that the solo could have been stopped even if everyone had submitted orders this turn.

Well, that's that. If any of you would like to post your thoughts on this game, whether you were a player or a casual observer, please feel free to do so.
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Re: US Diplomacy-Final Results

Postby gislason » 07 Apr 2011, 15:34

I'm sorry for the NMRs the last couple of turns, I was out of town, and unable to log on a computer. :(
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Re: US Diplomacy-Final Results

Postby Klik/Klak » 09 Apr 2011, 02:30

This game was full of back-stabbers in the east. :P
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