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US Diplomacy-Spring 2013 Moves

PostPosted: 05 Apr 2011, 07:29
by tarheel86
Here are the moves you all ordered for Spring 2013. One unit was dislodged and auto-destroyed.


ARIZONA (gislason):
no orders received

FLORIDA (shavemybaby):
AL Support MS to hold
CT Hold
FL Hold
GA Support VA-TN
GMex Support MS to hold
IL-WI (bounced)
IN-IL (bounced)
KY Support IN-IL
MAO Support NAO to hold
MI Support IL-WI (support cut)
MS Support GMex to hold (support cut)
NAO Hold
NC Support VA-TN
NY-Ont (bounced)
OH-IN (bounced)
Ont-MN (bounced)
PA Support NY-Ont
SAO Support GMex to hold
VT Support ME-Que
WV-OH (bounced)

TEXAS (kogarfire22):
AR Support LA-MS
EMex-TX (bounced)
KS-MO (bounced)
LA-MS (bounced)
MN-MI (bounced)
MO-IL (bounced)
NM Support EMex-TX
OK Hold
TN Support LA-MS (support cut, dislodged by VA-TN, auto-destroyed)
TX-LA (bounced)
WI Support MO-IL

No retreat this time, so we go directly into the Fall. Your orders are due WEDNESDAY, APRIL 6 at 11:00PM EDT.