US Diplomacy-Spring 2011 Movements

10-player variant set in North America with 50 USA supply centres. Created & brought to site by tarheel86. GM: tarheel86. WINNER: shavemybaby (Florida).

US Diplomacy-Spring 2011 Movements

Postby tarheel86 » 20 Mar 2011, 07:39

Here are the results of the Spring 2011 movements phase. 3 units were dislodged, 2 of which were auto-destroyed. It is also worth mentioning that every space on the map has now been occupied at least once.


ARIZONA (gislason):
AZ Support WMex-NM
BrCo-Sas (bounced)
ID Support WY to hold
MT-SD (bounced)
ND Support Sas-MN
Ont Support Sas-MN (support cut, dislodged by MI-Ont, auto-destroyed)
Sas-MN (bounced)
WMex-NM (bounced)
WY Support UT-CO

FLORIDA (shavemybaby):
AL Hold
FL Hold
GA Support TN to hold
IN Support KY to hold
KY Hold
MAO Support NH-NAO
OH Support MI-Ont
PA Support MD-DE
TN Support KY to hold
VA Hold
WV Hold

NEW HAMPSHIRE (surrendered)
DE dislodged by MD-DE, auto-destroyed

TEXAS (kogarfire22):
AR Support LA-MS
CO-WY (bounced, dislodged by UT-CO)
EMex Support NM to hold
IA Support MN to hold
IL Support MO to hold
MN Support SD to hold (support cut)
MO Support IL to hold
NE Support CO-WY
NM Support WMex to hold (support cut)
OK-CO (bounced)
SD Support MN to hold (support cut)
TX Support MS-GMex
WI Support MN to hold

Texas needs to retreat his unit from CO (KS is available). The deadline for the retreat order is MONDAY, MARCH 21 at 1:00AM EDT.
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Re: US Diplomacy-Spring 2011 Movements

Postby shavemybaby » 20 Mar 2011, 17:05

Florida finally has it's own piece of the canadian riches!
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Re: US Diplomacy-Spring 2011 Movements

Postby kogarfire22 » 20 Mar 2011, 18:32

To KS!
That is my retreat would be CO to KS.
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