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US Diplomacy-Fall 2010 retreat

PostPosted: 17 Mar 2011, 07:13
by tarheel86
Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone!

No retreat orders were submitted. Due to his extended absence, I have decided to auto-surrender Acemaster (New Hampshire) from the game. If anyone out there would like to join in his place, you're more than welcome to.

Your build orders are due FRIDAY, MARCH 18 at 1:00AM. Everyone has the following number of builds:
Arizona has 1 build
Florida has 4 builds
New Hampshire has 2 builds
Texas has 3 builds

Current Standings:
Florida is in the lead with 16 centers
Texas has 15 centers
Arizona has 12 centers
New Hampshire has 7 centers
Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Tennessee, and Washington have all been eliminated