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United States Diplomacy-Spring 2003 Movements

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2011, 07:05
by tarheel86
Here are the results of the spring 2003 movement phase. One unit was dislodged and must either retreat or be destroyed.

Orders List:

Arizona (gislason):
Fleet CA-SPO
Army AR-CA
Army NV Support Army UT to hold
Army UT Support Army NV to hold

Florida (shavemybaby):
Army TN Support Army GA-NC
Army GA-NC
Army AL-GA
Fleet FL-SAO

Kansas (mat.gopack):
Army KS Support Army OK-CO
Army MO-IA (bounced)
Army IL Support Army MO-IA (supported move failed)
Army KY Support Army IL to hold

Maryland (WFU03):
Army WV Hold
Army VA Hold
Army MD Hold

Minnesota (Spekulatius):
Army MN-IA
Army MI-IN (bounced)
Army SD Support Army MN-IA
Army WI Support Army MN-IA

New Hampshire (Acemaster):
Army MA Hold

New York (richrey 529):
Army NY Hold
Army NH Hold

Tennessee (Klik/Klak):
Army MS Hold (dislodged by army LA-MS)
Army OH-IN (bounced)

Texas (Santiago Matamoros):
Fleet TX Hold
Army OK-CO
Army LA-MS
Army AR Support Army LA-MS

Washington (Dran Savo):
Army WA Hold
Army OR Hold
Army ID Hold
Army WY Hold

The deadline for the Spring 2003 Retreat phase will be WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 26 at 11:59PM EST.