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United States Diplomacy-Fall 2002 Retreats

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2011, 05:14
by tarheel86
Here is the result of the fall 2002 retreat phase:

Tennessee (Klik/Klak): Army TN-MS

The deadline for the fall 2002 Build phase is WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 19 at 11:59PM EST.

Arizona (gislason) gets 2 builds.
Florida (shavemybaby) gets 2 builds.
Kansas (mat.gopack) gets 2 builds.
Maryland (WFU03) gets 1 build.
Minnesota (Spekulatius) gets 2 builds.
New Hampshire (Acemaster) gets 1 build.
New York (richrey529) gets 0 builds.
Tennessee (Klik/Klak) gets 0 builds.
Texas (Santiago Matamoros) gets 2 builds.
Washington (Dran Savo) gets 2 builds.