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Very suddenly, it's Game over!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2011, 12:33
by Pedros
Apologies for lateness this time, but worth waiting for (at least if you're Cornubia!!)

A massive set of strikes earns WarSmith a convincing victory with 6 gains, 20 SCs (target 19). Very well done WarSmith - I've played Cornubia, and surviving isn't easy! Thanks everybody for playing this game (and to Paulus for your brief Guest Appearance!!)

There were two retreats due, but neither of them could have affected the count.

Heptarchy Move Results.gif
Results of the final orders
Heptarchy Move Results.gif (51.46 KiB) Viewed 1279 times

Heptarchy Final.gif
Final map
Heptarchy Final.gif (52.23 KiB) Viewed 1279 times

Cornubia (WarSmith) (20 centres)
Gla move Edi : Resolved
SEV Move Cdf : Resolved
Gwe support SEV to Cdf : Resolved
BCH Move Swa : Bounced
CRS Move CEL : Bounced
Exm Hold : Resolved
Bri move SEV : Resolved
Glo support War to Bir : Resolved
Her move Pow : Resolved
War move Bir : Resolved
Ntn move Not : Resolved
Kin support Ntn to Not : Resolved
SOD Move Dov : Resolved
NSS move Ips : Resolved

Ireland (Paulus) (7 centres)
F ABE-H : Dislodged - retreat
F NSN-NSS : Resolved
F CDF S F DYF-BCH : Cut from Severn: Dislodged - auto-destroy
F DYF-BCH : : Bounced
F CRK-CEL : Resolved
F NAO S F CRK-CEL : Resolved
A GWY-H : Resolved
F COL-H : Resolved
F DUM S F STR : Resolved
F STR S F DUM : Resolved
A BEL-H : Resolved

Scotland (thewysecat) (4 centres)
FFT to Abe : Resolved
Fif S FFT to Abe : Resolved
Nmb to SUp : Resolved
NPe to Lan : Resolved

Wales (Palin) (6 centres)
Army SPe move She : Resolved
Army Liv hold : Resolved
Fleet Clw hold : Resolved
Army Che support Fleet Clw hold : Resolved
Fleet Swa hold : Resolved
Army Shr hold : Resolved
Army Not support Army Bir hold : Cut from Northampton
Army Bir support Army Not hold : Cut from Warwick : Retreat

Re: Very suddenly, it's Game over!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2011, 12:52
by Palin
Great job, Warsmith! Pedros, perhaps you should start an AAR thread, it would be interesting :)

Re: Very suddenly, it's Game over!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2011, 13:21
by Pedros
Yes, thanks Palin. It's started in this Forum

Re: Very suddenly, it's Game over!

PostPosted: 31 Mar 2011, 17:32
by WarSmith
Before I go write an AAR, let me give some credits out -
Palin, thanks so much for sticking at it! Its a pleasure to have played against you and I hope that we will play together again sometime soon.
Wyse - you were a fantastic addition, it might have felt very frustrating, but your messages really affected my thinking at the right point.
Paulus - thanks for stepping in at the end!
Kininvie - I think that things would have been entirely different if you'd stayed in, but can understand that life is not only about diplomacy... I'll say more in the AAR about your contribution.

And, of course - Pedros, thanks so much for sticking with this all the way through - I'm not going to beat around the bush in the AAR, because the NMRs did have an impact on the end results, but I've known some GMs to give up in similar conditions.