Spring 658

GM: Pedros. WINNER: WarSmith (Cornubia).

Spring 658

Postby Pedros » 24 Mar 2011, 23:15

After all that, NMR from Ireland. One retreat, Wales from Gwent, is an auto-destroy. So straight to Fall 658.

Fall 658 orders are due at 2000 GMT (1500 EST) on Sunday 27 March

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Cornubia (WarSmith)
WAS move NSS : Resolved
ECH move SOD : Resolved
Ply move CRS : Resolved
BCH Support SEV to Cdf : Failed
SEV move Cdf : Bounced
Bri move SEV : Bounced
Glo move Gwe : Resolved
Her support Glo to Gwe : Resolved
Exe move Exm : Resolved
War support Cot to Glo : Resolved
Cot move Glo : Resolved
Ntn move Not : Bounced
Kin support Ntn to Not : Failed
Sup move Gla : Resolved

Ireland (gardenpatch)

Scotland (thewysecat)
F NWG to FFT : Resolved
NPe to Nmb : Resolved
Lan to NPe : Resolved
Edi to Fif : Resolved

Wales (Palin)
Army SPe support Army Liv hold : Resolved
Army Liv hold : Resolved
Fleet Clw hold : Resolved
Army Che support Fleet Clw hold : Resolved
Fleet Swa support Fleet Gwe move Cdf : Failed
Fleet Gwe move Cdf : Bounced - Retreat, auto-destroy
Army Pow move Shr : Resolved
Army Not support Army Bir hold : Cut from Ntn
Army Bir support Army Not hold : Resolved
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