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Fall 654

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2011, 18:47
by Pedros
Oh my goodness gracious me! Thunderbolts and lightning! Well, a lightning strike by Cornubia on Glasgow of all places!

I'd just been agreeing with kininvie in the Forum about the improvement in player commitment, when I was presented with two NMRs - Northumbria is forgivable - he probably wouldn't have moved anyway - but Scotland has really suffered!

Anyway, two retreats - Mercia from King's Lynn, and Scotland from North Sea South. They could well affect the build counts, so I'm not issuing that until after the retreats.

Fall retreats are due by 1700 GMT, 0900 Pacific (earlier if possible) on Wednesday 9th

Heptarchy plain.gif
Heptarchy plain.gif (42.39 KiB) Viewed 1009 times

Heptarchy arrows.gif
Heptarchy arrows.gif (44.96 KiB) Viewed 1009 times

Anglia (Acemaster)
A Nrw support Ntn -> Kin : Resolved
A Ntn -> Kin : Resolved

Cornubia (WarSmith)
A Exm move Gla : I thought I couldn't even guess where this one was supposed to be going. But : Resolved!!
A Cot move Bri : Resolved
A Cam hold : Resolved
A Oxf S Cam hold : Resolved
A Dow move Lon : Resolved
F LYM move ECH : Resolved
F Sod move NSS : Resolved

Ireland (kininvie)
BCH C EXM-GLA : Resolved
IRI C EXM-GLA : Resolved
NCH C EXM-GLA : Resolved
CUM-DUM : Resolved
MOR-LAN : Resolved
DUB Hold : Resolved
THA S SOD-NSS : Resolved

Mercia (Esclavier)
A PEA --> SHE : Resolved
A WAR --> BIR : Bounced
A NOT S A WAR --> BIR : Move failed
A KIN HOLD : Move over!

Northumbria (Mago)
NMR. In the circumstances I'm not warning him!

Scotland (superplayer)
NMR : Retreat, NSS : NMR #1 - another in the Spring will lead to expulsion

Wales (Palin)
Fleet CDG convoy Army Exmoor move Glasgow : Resolved
Army Man hold : Resolved
Army Liv support Army Man hold : Resolved
Army Che move Pea : Resolved
Army Glo move Bir : Bounced
Army Sta support Army Glo move Bir : Bounced
Fleet SEV move Glo : Bounced
Army Cdf hold : Resolved

Re: Fall 654

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2011, 19:23
by Esclavier
Mercia retreat to LIN please! Thanks

Re: Fall 654

PostPosted: 08 Feb 2011, 23:00
by superplayer
Retreat to NSN.


PostPosted: 09 Feb 2011, 03:00
by Pedros
Scotland: F NSS - NSN
Mercia: A King's Lynn - Lincoln (and the last remaining piece of white territory disappears!)

And suddenly, remarkably, Cornubia takes the lead!

Builds and destroys are due by 0800 GMT, midnight Pacific, on Thursday 10 February

Heptarchy plain.gif
Heptarchy plain.gif (43.51 KiB) Viewed 986 times

Anglia: 3 SCs, 2 units, 1 build
Cornubia: 10 SCs, 7 units, 3 builds
Ireland: 8 SCs, 7 units, 1 build
Mercia: 3 SCs, 2 units, 1 build
Northumbria: 1 SCs, 1 units, 0 build
Scotland: 5 SCs, 7 units, 2 destroys
Wales: 9 SCs, 8 units, 1 build