How do you promote a classicist game

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How do you promote a classicist game

Postby dib » 16 Jul 2014, 13:16

I can only say i have played one classicist game so far but it was very good one. To that end I was trying to start another here. Classicist group is a great way of ensuring higher quality games. There are a steady stream of applicants but not that many games really. The League thing works a bit but shows how few games there are.

I have 3 players who want to play in the game
85752. Classical Christobel 211 which is available. I wont miss the opp to shameless promote this game (pm me for the password) ==Game is 211Random Country allocation Classicists Only sorry

The reason for this post was trying to think of ways to promote it, I thought that I might PM some members of the four classicist groups. However I found there is no classicist group in the PM interface as there is for the oldies group.

I am not suggesting spamming everyone's inbox uninvited but could we have an email group with opt in and opt out option? This could be added as a question when you apply to join or as a one of off assuming if a group could be added.

Incidentally I was comparing the list in the PM emails with members in the group I noticed that there are quite a few members of the classicists who dont seem to have active accounts at all any more.

Any other ideas for promotion?
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Re: How do you promote a classicist game

Postby Buachaille » 16 Jul 2014, 13:43

I found that posting in the Classicist games section didn't get much pick but as soon as I posted in the main games section; it didn't take too long to get games up and running. Open games up to aspiring members made a difference too. I do think a opt in or out 'a new classicist game is available' email list is a good idea though. I'd opt in.

I guess it is the holiday period at the moment and there are quite a few tournaments on at the moment; I'd join but for my commitment to one of them.

Good luck with getting your game started, I'll be creating more games once my involvement in the PDVT is done.
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Re: How do you promote a classicist game

Postby Alman » 16 Jul 2014, 14:10

I feel your pain.

I found that it helped to repeatedly promote it. Not every day, but about every five to seven days I updated a message that got me back on the homepage. You can go back and see my efforts. I promoted any Classicist games that were in signup at the time and Rshivy also hit the main forum. It took a little but we got them going. But realize that I think all three of those Classicist games are still going so some of us are already tied up. :)
When I get free, I'd love to join another one because I totally agree with the higher quality play observation.

Also, another guy on here, NOS482 regularly hosts three "Dippers" games. I think right now they are all in progress, but when they finish up he'll do three more. Those tend to be pretty high quality too. I often try to join them. Pretty strong competition!

Good luck and thanks for making the effort. I'm sure it will pay off! :D
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