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New Scoring System Playtest?

PostPosted: 17 Oct 2019, 18:35
by jay65536
Hi all--

Over the last months, I've been working on and off to try to create a new scoring system. The ones currently in use for Diplomacy tournaments are all either heavily draw-based or else they totally throw out draw size as a component in scoring. The debate over them seems never-ending and highly polarized. So I've been trying to create a new system that is meant as a hybrid of the scoring concepts (draw size, center count, and center lead) currently in use.

Based on feedback I've gotten from the PD community in the past (you guys have been very helpful), I think (or at least I hope) that I've found a version of my system which is ready for an attempted play test.

The system is described below in a spoiler:

-Each game is worth a total of 180 points. If you lose, you get 0. If you solo, you get 180. If you get a 2way, you get 90. In any draw in which the highest center count is 6 or fewer, the 180 points is equally split.
-In any other draw result, scoring consists of two steps: (1) We first compute the "top score" for the board. (2) The top score is taken away from the total of 180, and that number is divided by the number of draw participants minus 1. Call this the "bottom" score. All draw participants who finish 2 or more centers below the top center count earn the bottom score. All players who finish within 1 center of the lead equally split the remaining points (i.e. the top score plus however many bottom scores it takes to match the number of players).
-EXCEPTION: If the top score times the number of draw participants is less than 180, the draw is equally split.

The only other details of this system are how to compute the top score. Here is how it works:
1. If the highest center count is 7, the top score is 54.
2. If the highest center count is 8 or 9, the top score is 57.
2. If the highest center count is 10, 11, or 12, the top score is 60.
3. All higher center counts simply add 6 points per center. So for 13--17, it would go 66/72/78/84/90.

That's pretty much it.

1. A 3way draw where the highest center count is in the 10--12 range will be 60 points per draw participant. The top score is 60, and the bottom score is 120/2 = 60.
2. A 3way draw with a center split of 14/11/9: top score 72, bottom score 108/2 = 54. Points are split 72/54/54.
3. A 3way draw, 13/12/9: top score 66, bottom score 57. The 9-center power gets 57 but the top 2 players each get (66+57)/2 = 61.5.
4. A 4way draw, 9/9/9/7: top score 57, bottom score 41. The 7-center power gets 41; the remaining powers split the remaining 139, for 46.3 points each. (Note that an equally split 4way, such as 9/9/8/8, is worth 45 points per player.)
5. A 4way draw, 15/7/7/5: top score 78, bottom score 102/3 = 34. Points split 78/34/34/34. (Note that an equally split 5way draw is worth 36 points in this system, while an equally split 6way is worth 30. This bottom score is in the middle, showing that there is a significant penalty for allowing one player to get a lead like this!)
6. 4way draw, 10/9/7/6: top score 60, bottom score 40. Points split 50/50/40/40 (the top two players equally split 60+40).
7. 5way draw, 8/8/7/6/5: top score 57, bottom score 123/4 = 30.75. The top 3 players will equally split 57 + 30.75 + 30.75 = 118.5, so the scores are 39.5/39.5/39.5/30.75/30.75.

The purpose of this thread is to see if there is anyone here who would be interested in helping me play-test this system. More explicitly, you'd join a norank game that I create and "play to the system" instead of just playing to the existing rating system. Hopefully some interesting spots come up and you guys can give me feedback on what's different and whether you like it or not!

If you are interested in play-testing, or if you have questions about the system before wanting to try it, then either reply to this thread or PM me. I'll create a game if I see there is enough interest in it (it would be a Casual Classicist game, and if there's a lot of interest I could always do more than one).

Re: New Scoring System Playtest?

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2019, 06:46
by Latanst1
I would be interested in participating. Just let me know!