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Changes to this sub-forum

PostPosted: 03 May 2015, 12:45
by rick.leeds
As you'll see - eventually! - the sub-forum has been changed. There are now four additional sub-forums:
- Bronze+ Games will be for games meant for Bronze members and above;
- Silver+ Games will be for games meant for Silver members and above;
- Gold+ game will be meant for Gold and Platinum members, and
- Platinum Only Games is for Platinum members only.

If you're an Aspiring Classicist, you can advertise games in the main sub-forum.

Games advertised will be seen by only members of the appropriate rank within the Classicist group and those above that rank. So, if you're Platinum, you'll be able to see any games advertised; if you're Silver, you'll see any games advertised for Aspiring, Bronze and Silver members.

At present, these changes haven't been enforced. The facilities are there, it requires the Mods to place members in the appropriate usergroups. For now, though, you won't even be able to see the new sub-forums! When these usergroups are populated, you'll see any sub-forums you should be able to see... and if you're not a member of a certain group (or of a higher group) you won't be able to see that sub-forum.

When these changes are actuated, you should place game adverts in the sub-forum you want to advertise in, depending upon who you want to be able to join the game. You'll be free to post the password also as only those members will be able to see it. And remember, if you're of a higher group, you can post games in a lower rank's sub-forum if you want the game to fill more quickly.