AAAAHHH FAST (classicist) DIPLOMACY! (Started)

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Re: AAAAHHH FAST (classicist) DIPLOMACY! (In confirmation)

Postby JonS » 31 Mar 2015, 19:16

mcboyes wrote:You must keep in mind that the name JonS stands out a little. More people will look to be in a game created by you, as opposed to me. Which I know for a fact, as I put out a feeler for a 1900 classicist game and only got one response, two weeks later.

Or maybe classicists hate 1900.

This is unfortunately a fair point...anyone who sees me as a star player is wildly overestimating my skill, but I suppose my name is more visible since I help admin the Classicists. I am hoping the death of your game was perhaps just a matter of timing? Most Classicists games tend to fill up over a week or so...

It can be helpful to advertise the game in multiple places - such as the general Games forum or even the chat bar - as long as we still keep membership to classicists. Also if the first post doesn't get too much buzz, there's no shame in posting (increasingly needy) updates to keep the thread popping up in "Active Threads." I also sometimes PM people I play with about a game to draw their attention to it.

For me, I was already in a 1900 game (where Jakofipa got a resounding solo) and so wasn't interested, but in general it's a great variant..

All of that aside - happy to help as booster games if someone wants - if you send me details I can post the game thread.
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