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"Rules" for Creating a Classicist Game

PostPosted: 24 Mar 2013, 19:55
by Mortiferus Rosa
When making a Classicist Game, for the courtesy of all Classicist Members, please remember to...

1)Specify in either game title or game description that the game is for Classicists only. You can make your game either a CASUAL or a STRICT Classicist game. STRICT games are only for full members of the Classicists (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum) whereas CASUAL games can admit Aspiring members as well.

2) Keep the thread title updated with the number of players who have signed up. For example, put (4/7) at the end of the thread title to indicate that there are 4 players currently signed up, and keep this updated as more join. When the game has started, and when the game has finished, change the thread title to reflect this.

3)Password protect the game and only give out the password via a PM

4)When giving out the password be courteous to your fellow Classicist Members be sure to check that the person requesting the password is indeed a Classicist; we have a Member List subforum just for that purpose!

5)When your game actually starts up (not in the recruiting or confirming stage), please post details of it into this thread