Fall 1910 Results

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Fall 1910 Results

Postby Ceebs » 22 Apr 2011, 04:31

England is thwarted in his european advance by combined Austrian/Russian efforts, but picks up a freebie SC from Japan in Kar. France presses eastward on the Austrian and north African fronts, but SC gains will have to wait until 1911.
Austria has an entirely defensive round and is successful doing so. Meanwhile Turkey continues to maneuver into position to also counter French forces.
Russia holds on for yet another year to his measly possessions, but chances of a resurgance still look bleak.
India has a successful year against Japan in Indonesia, but continues to press on a pull door in Omsk. Bigger problems loom for India however, as the western powers are encroaching in the pacific and China makes some potentially threatening moves towards his closest ally. Whether China's westward army movements and seizure of Joharra actually constitute a stab as opposed to an agreed-upon arrangement is unclear at the moment, but surely it is creating some debate in the Indian cabinet meetings.
Meanwhile the Japanese cabinet has effectively gone into exile, as they issue only one order (and it isn't even valid). The Japanese people surely are mourning their uninspired leadership at the moment as they swallow the loss of half their empire this year and prepare for subjugation by foreigners--the only question is, who will get there first?


Surprisingly, there are no retreats! just one auto-destroy:
Japan: F Jav - Auto-destroy

And so, we move straight to Winter 1910 Adjustments (48hr phase)

1910 Adjustments Summary:
England: 11 supply, 10 units = 1 build
France: 10 supply, 10 units
Germany: Eliminated! (1908)
Italy: Eliminated! (1909)
Austria: 9 supply, 9 units
Turkey: 11 supply, 11 units
Russia: 4 supply, 4 units
India: 12 supply, 11 units = 1 build
China: 12 supply, 11 units = 1 build
Japan: 3 supply, 4 units = 1 destroy

The deadline for winter 1910 Adjustments is Saturday April 23 18:00 EDT (GMT-5)

Hel s Kiel to hold
Kiel hold
Nwy s Stp hold
Stp hold
F Den s Kiel to hold
Bal s Pru-Pos

A Sah-Fez
A Mun-Tyr
A Bur-Mun
A Mar-Bur
F Tys-Rom
F Nap S F Tys-Rom
F Ion-Pen
F Lib S F Ion-Pen
F Obi-Wio

A BER Support A Posen
A sax support A posen
A sil support A posen
A ven support A rome
A romee support A Ven
A Ukr support A rum
A ser support A rum
A rumm support A Ser
F adr hold

Army Sev support Army Ira hold - IRA not adjacent
Army Nej support Army Yem hold
Fleet Bul (sc) support Fleet Gre hold
Fleet Aeg support Fleet Smy move Eas
Fleet Gre hold
Army Ira support Army Sev hold
Fleet Yem hold
Army Pen hold
Army Egy support Army Pen hold
Army Arm move Bag
Fleet Smy move Eas

A Moscow support A Omsk
A Warsaw - Prussia
A Pus support Austrian A Berlin

ara to wio
goa hold
mal to jav
eio support mal to jav
bor to cel
gos to bor
phi support ecs to spo
tur to oms
sib support tur to oms
sin to tur
afg support sin to tur

tha to joh
sai to sch
ann to vtn
vtn to sik
for support sai to sch
kor to soj
vla hold
man hold
yel to kor
ecs to spo
can to han

kyo sup tok - Illegal support
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