WD3 - FALL 1908 ORDERS - Results

GMs: DOI, Master Radishes, Waterice Man. 4-way draw - shockj (Colombia), AlphaTangoEcho (Europe), Steppenwulf (Lybia), Dar Krum (USA)

Re: WD3 - FALL 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby Steppenwulf » 26 Oct 2009, 06:22

Dar Krum wrote:The recognition given to the ruler of the Ghanaian nation by the President seems to have strengthened their resolve! Good work spreading your brand of democracy across the Middle East.

Ghana has joined the Free States of Africa. Soon all of Africa will be free! Under the wise tutelage of the Democratic Republic of Libya, and its President for Life.

"Remember! All African states are equal, but some states are more equal than others!" - a quote from the Red Book of Libyan democracy, written by Supreme Leader Steppenwulf

President for Life Steppenwulf,
The Democratic Republic of Libya and the Free States of Africa
"The best weapon against an enemy is another enemy"
Friedrich Nietzsche
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