WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

GMs: DOI, Master Radishes, Waterice Man. 4-way draw - shockj (Colombia), AlphaTangoEcho (Europe), Steppenwulf (Lybia), Dar Krum (USA)

WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby Master Radishes » 22 Oct 2009, 07:16

Next Phase: Spring 1908 Retreat
Orders due: Thursday, Oct 22 9:59 PM PST / Friday, Oct 23 12:59 AM EST / 4:59 GMT


Spring 1908 Orders

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Amazonian magic! Brazil teleports out of danger, onto desert island; Colombian conquest of South America one step closer to completion
Musical SCs in India; Libyan wall of armies pushes ever southward; American navy slowly but surely boxes in European armada
Libyan generosity? Ex-Ghanaian Sudanese rebels transported safely to new Middle Eastern home

Army Deep South TO Midwest - Resolved
Army Manitoba TO Northwest Territories - Resolved
Army Northwest Territories TO Yukon - Resolved
Army Quebec HOLD - Resolved
Army Kazakhstan TO Afghanistan - Resolved
Fleet Bering Sea HOLD - Resolved
Fleet Arctic Ocean SUPPORT Thule TO Barrents - Resolved
Fleet Beaufort Sea SUPPORT Lab Sea - Resolved
Fleet Lab Sea SUPPORT NWAO TO NEAO - Resolved
Fleet Thule TO Barrents - Resolved
Fleet Godthab SUPPORT Thule TO Barrents - Resolved
Fleet NWAO TO NEAO - Bounced
Fleet North Atlantic SUPPORT NWAO TO NEAO - Resolved
Fleet Gulf of Mexico TO NWAO - Bounced
Fleet Central America TO NEPO - Resolved

COLOMBIA (shockj)
F CUBA - SUPPORT NAO to Hold - Resolved
F Ven - MOVE Guy - Resolved
F Guy - MOVE Recife - Resolved
F Rio - HOLD - Resolved
F Col (WC) - MOVE Ec - Resolved
F Ec - MOVE Peru - Resolved
F SEPO - MOVE SWAO - Bounced
F Chile - Support SEPO to SWAO - Resolved
A Bol - MOVE Men - Resolved
A Bra - MOVE BH - Resolved
A Sal - SUPPORT Bra to BH - Resolved

BRAZIL (Magmaniac)
A BHo teleport to hawaii. - Resolved

ARGENTINA (jstott)
Buenos – SWAO - Bounced
SCr supports Buenos – SWAO - Bounced

AUSTRALIA (raphtown)
Sea of Japan - Sea of Okhostk - Resolved
Kamchatka S Sea of Japan - Sea of Okhostk - Resolved
Vladistok - Yakutsk SC - Bounced
Bay of Bengal - Ban - Resolved
West Australia - Thailand - Resolved
Northeast Indian Ocean C West Australia - Thailand - Resolved
South China Sea S West Australia - Thailand - Resolved
Yellow Sea S Korea - Sea of Japan - Resolved

Southwest Atlantic MOVE Southeast Atlantic - Bounced
South Atlantic SUPPORT Southwest Atlantic to Southeast Atlantic – Support Cut by SEAO-SAO - ***RETREAT***
Angola MOVE Namibia – Bounced - ***RETREAT*** (No retreat possible - ***DESTROY***)
South Africa MOVE Zimbabwe - Resolved
Northwest Indian MOVE Mozambique Channel - Resolved
North Indian MOVE Northwest Indian - Bounced
Mawson MOVE Southwest Indian - Resolved

SOUTH AFRICA (WiiCommander)
WAO move SWAO - Bounced
Ape move BAT (EC) - Resolved
SAN support SEAO move SAO - Resolved

GHANA (raytheruler)
North Sudan moves to Saudi Arabia - Resolved

LIBYA (Steppenwulf)
A Congo - Angola - Resolved
A Zaire S A congo - Angola - Resolved
A Cameroon - Congo - Resolved
A Chad - Cameroon - Resolved
A Libya - Chad - Resolved
A Zam – Nam - Bounced
A Tanzania - Muz - Resolved
A Uganda - Tanzania - Resolved
F Egypt - North Sudan - Resolved
A Ethiopia - Kenya - Resolved
F Somalia - NWIO - Resolved
F Arabian Sea S F Somalia - NWIO - Resolved
F Red Sea C A North Sudan - Saudi - Resolved
A Saudi - Iraq - Resolved

EUROPE (AlphaTangoEcho)
F NEAO Hold - Resolved
F Mor S NEAO Hold - Resolved
F Med S NEAO Hold - Resolved
F Bls S Hold - Resolved
F Nor- Bar - Bounced
A Ger- Sca - Resolved
A Fra Hold - Resolved
A Bel - Ukr - Resolved
A Stp Hold - Resolved
F SEAO - SAO - Resolved
F EAO – SEAO - Bounced
F Gha – EAO - Bounced

mos move kazakhstan - Resolved
western siberia support mos to kazakhstan - Resolved
eastern siberia move omsk - Resolved
east siberian sea support yakustk to hold - Resolved
yakustsk support kor to vla – Order does not correspond
mongolia move west china - Bounced
irkutsk move Mongolia - Bounced
del move bombay - Resolved
cal support del to Bombay – Support Cut by Bom-Cal - ***RETREAT***
tib move del - Bounced

INDIA (The Doctor)
Pak-Deh - Bounced
Bom-Cal - Resolved

F Korea - Sea Of Japan - Resolved
A Burma S F Bombay - Calcutta - Resolved
A Inner Mongolia - West China - Bounced
A Beijing - Inner Mongolia - Bounced


GM NOTE: Antarctica and Pacific Russia each have one retreat. (Antarctica's second one is an auto-destroy.) And then...start thinking about your fall orders.

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Re: WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby Jus » 22 Oct 2009, 14:17

SAO retreat South Africa.
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Re: WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby raytheruler » 22 Oct 2009, 18:38

Having recently converted to the Islam faith, Cheif Rayquanese has left his tribe in North Sudan to make the pilgrimage to Mecca. He has taken with him a smal contingent should any jihadists mistaken him for a nonbeliever and cause trouble. He released a statement to the press earlier this morning. "The days of the Ghanian Empire are long gone, as are the days of the Republic of Chad and the Confederation of Sudan. With the new regime change in Somalia, I think it is safe to leave my nomadic tribe in the care of their new benevolent leader, Steppun Wulf."
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Re: WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby raphtown » 22 Oct 2009, 23:46

Red alert! Hawaii is alive! Mobilize the entire navy! SHUT ... DOWN ... EVERYTHING!
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Re: WD3 - SPRING 1908 ORDERS - Results

Postby AlphaTangoEcho » 22 Oct 2009, 23:53

And then there were 11...
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