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Versailles - AARs

PostPosted: 14 Jul 2009, 19:21
by thegame
The game has ended with a two-way draw between Poland and Italy. For anyone who wants to discuss their experience playing the game post here.

Re: Versailles - AARs

PostPosted: 14 Jul 2009, 22:25
by poflaco
It was really fun, but I'll get to more specific stuff later when I have more time...

Re: Versailles - AARs

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2009, 12:21
by Jobson15
I enjoyed this a lot, although I lost quite early on. I would like to try it without knowing the minor powers however.

Re: Versailles - AARs

PostPosted: 16 Jul 2009, 21:46
by poflaco
Jobson15 wrote:I enjoyed this a lot, although I lost quite early on. I would like to try it without knowing the minor powers however.

I agree, its unfortunate that we lost confindentiality so early on.

Re: Versailles - AARs

PostPosted: 29 Jul 2009, 17:53
by poflaco
OK, I can finally tell the full story of what I saw happen in this game...

Playing as Poland and Spain was interesting. So I began negotiating with Russia and Germany to keep poland from being attacked and divided. Spain began speaking with France and things got off to a good start. At first, I was able to have a nonaggression pact with Germany. As for Russia, we decided to form an unlikely alliance. As Poland, I was also able to make an alliance with France. These alliances would be key in the future.

The Polish-Russian alliance started out well and in the first year we both managed to gain 2 builds. As the game progressed, the plan was for me to go into Germany and for Russia to go around me. But as the Scandinavian campaign was slowed down, and I was originally worried about Yugoslavia in the beginning of the game, I was unable to manouver and was kind of floating around for a while.

The Midgame was the most interesting though. At some point, I had not been able to grow as Poland, Both France and Russia were large and powerful and Russia had destroyed Turkey very quickly. Germany was almost to the point of falling to France. At this time I had an alliance with both France and Russia, and with France had planned to attack Italy, another large power at the time. But the turning point came when Germany sent me a message in which he know I wanted to dismember him and told me to rethink it. I realized that someone must have told him the plan I had made with Russia. So I decided to open relations and find out. It turned out that It was Russia who had told Germany. At this point I felt like I was in a bad position, I was currently going to help the two leading powers get bigger and that would probably lead to my downfall. So by that time things were getting complicated. I was trying to cover My plan to attack Italy with France, and Russia thought I was being suspicious.

So during this turning point, I decided to send messages to the smaller powers and Italy to create an alliance against the two leading powers of France and Russia. I got replies from all of them and the next turn Both Poland and Spain had changed sides and our alliance reversed the trend that would probably lead to the destruction of Poland and Germany. But as this fight was continued the question came to what would happen after the powers where defeated. I started talking to both Germany and Italy, thinking about who I would join. Eventually I decided to pick an alliance with Italy, as it seemed more logical in my geographic location. I would be able to attack Germany as Italy fought off Egypt. I figured that if eventually I had to fight Italy in the future, this would get me in a better position with more centers to do it. And thats what would then happen. England was always a bit of a wild card, i had fought them in Scandinavia and then lost Sweden later. But I think that the continental policy of keeping England off the continent seemed to have worked, as England never gained any substantial footing in the Continent, Being a land power seemed to be important in this game.

Overall it was a great game and I hope we can play again soon!