Cheating - metagaming? [Probably]

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Cheating - metagaming? [Probably]

Postby jhende6 » 17 Feb 2018, 18:10

France left this game early and England has indicated that France #2 is a classmate of Germany. This is not inherently any issue. England is trying to use this information to influence other players including me (italy) saying that Germany and France #2 planned To work together after the switch.

Game [redacted]

I’m not certain if this is cheating but it is making it difficult to decide to work or continue working with England, France, or Germany who are near Italy.
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Re: Cheating - metagaming? [Probably]

Postby gareth66 » 22 Feb 2018, 23:27

I have been monitoring this game since the investigation request came in. No concrete evidence on which to base action was seen during that time, hence no action was taken and hence the redaction of the game identifier in this report. instinct is that these two probably WERE metagaming, and had they stayed in the game longer the evidence to prove it would probably have emerged. The situation took care of itself, though, during the Fall 1903 Orders phase, when the pair simultaneously surrendered.

Accordingly, I am now able to clear this report for publication. It was a genuine suspicion, correctly reported in good faith. And I can confirm that, despite no action warranted within the game, I have noted the probability of metagaming between these two players on their accounts. Should a similar thing happen again, we will tie the two together.

One footnote is, it is a shame that it took jhende6 to report this. He was actually reporting something that another player in the game passed to him in a private game message, and was therefore reporting something second-hand. The player who first raised the concern was really the one who should have reported this, and the fact that he didn't (but has been spreading talk of cheating in the in-game messaging system) puts that player on the fringes of being in breach of the rules himself. What has spared this player any comeback is the fact that he posted nothing to allege cheating in the public press.

Anyway, for now, barring any recurrence, this one is put to bed. Both positions made vacant by the two surrenders have already been filled.
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