Acted upon (was initially cleared) - Anonymity rule break

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Acted upon (was initially cleared) - Anonymity rule break

Postby V » 22 Jan 2018, 21:49

Giòpomodoro played & soloed all his 4 ranked games, always accompanied by Leonardo de Great.
They always join games in a sequential pair.
They usually have neighbouring countries (once via FCFS country allocation) EF, IF, TR (other one was GI)
Game #’s 139130, 138885, 138650 & 138301.

I’ll guarantee that is cheating, based on that lot only. You’ll find more:-)

Best Regards V
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Re: MultiAccounting (or a variation on the theme)

Postby WarSmith » 23 Jan 2018, 07:49

This was very thorougly investigated already and not cheating in the past. Family members who were playing together safely for sometime.
Playing together is no evidence for cheating. There are four accounts from the family and we were very aware of them and happy with their gameplay.
recently they joined anonymous games together, at similar times. And from the other things we can see - they seem to have been aware of each other into the game. Therefore we act on this as a breach of anonymity.
The rules on anonymous play are very clear, and while this could have been an incredible coincidence, we doubt it. A short suspension for GioPomodoro is served and two anonymous games and a further recent ranked (non-anonymous) game which had some evidence of metagaming in it have been unranked (all were finished).
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