Collusion, NMR's, King making

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Collusion, NMR's, King making

Postby indigo1961 » 22 Jan 2018, 03:47

Hello Diplomacy People

I am concerned that the game I am in - I Haven't played a lot of dip on line but I am ok with reading situations.

1. There seems to be signs of collusion ahead of time between Germany and Austria. I have no idea how go about proving something like this.
There was an initial stab by Aust into BULG, which Germany told me that AUST shouldn't have stabbed me (TUR), and Germany sent Me messages to get me to go against AUST.
Germany's comments to me, were about Aust should be taken down for stabbing at BULG and also about AUST breaking a DMZ, with him (Germany).
Germany's messages seemed to more about trying to ascertain my thoughts about whether I was going to stab back at AUST. But I said no I wont, stab at AUST,
BUT I DID, and I gave no clue to Germany, that it was coming , which is fine, thats DIP.
AS I said, I did stab back at Aust. but I did not give any clues that it was going to happen and Germany seem so surprised, because it seems I am suppose to check with him first.
I thought he would be happy, however he always never took advantage of trying to take AUSt as he suggested in the first place. Then....

2. There was a public post that was done by either, AUST or Germany,
"Let's all help Germany against Turk get the solo !!!"
Isn't this obvious king making ? Can you tell through your end who made the anonymous post?

3. FRA had five (5) SC and then stopped putting orders forward, which allowed Germany to walk right in and claim LND, LVP, and Spain with no resistance.
Despite Me (TUR), messaging FRA many times offering support, there was no reply. Why would any bail on a game with 5 SC. Its seem to be clear signs of capitulating.
FRA"s NMR"s are suspicious, as his disappearance form the game (NMR'S) came after the anonymous post, "Let's all help Germany against Turk get the solo !!!"

4. I have no idea why, but ITALY turned on me, even though I was supporting him and keeping him in the game.
but that is just diplomacy, however it does fit with the "Let's all help Germany against Turk get the solo !!!"

Indigo1961 - Turkey
Kaizer Franz V - Austria
Nolan Snow - Germany
Aeto bay - Italy

It kinda makes one loose interest in the game when there is possible colluding, king making and capitations.

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Re: Collusion, NMR's, King making

Postby WarSmith » 28 Jan 2018, 00:44

Firstly you need to provide game number. As described in the post on how to make a cheating report at the top of this page.
The game in question has now finished, so I’m not going to redact players names.

There is absolutely no cheating in this game. I have investigated it fully. More info below.

But site rules were broken.
Indigo1961 - it is not allowed to make public accusations of cheating. That is against site rules and your post(s) in the shoutbox now earned you a warning. As you may not be aware of those rules I’d advise you to read-up on them. Please don’t do this again!

Now to answer your questions.
1) there was no metagaming. You imply that you believe that the players entered the game with a pre-set alliance. They did not. What I can see is that they built a strong alliance. I think the wider community on here may have some advice for you about early-stage diplomacy. The situation you describe here is pretty normal. Perhaps a mentor game or something would help understand how messages and intel get shared between players in the game.

2) A public anonymous post saying something as mundane as that isn't any evidence for cheating. In fact: it isn’t even connected to anything to do with cheating.. You could’ve even written it yourself. Oh and by the way - threatening kingmaking isn’t cheating anyway: it is a legitimate tactic. You can say what you like in public or private press about who you want to win and how you’d like to make it happen.

3) Sorry that you get a player that NMRs. Unfortunately it is very normal online. If you like to play in games with more reliable players, please try the Classicists. There are X number of reasons for NMRs by players and they are seriously regular, and ertainly not an indicator of cheating.

4) I’m not at liberty to share the reasons Italy turned on you. Maybe he will explain in After Game Chat. However - these things happen and it’s very normal. Even if it WAS due to the shoutbox. So what? That’s not cheating.

I appreciate that you may be new to online diplomacy, but none of the things you’ve raised would normally warrant a cheating report. I’m pretty much only responding here for education purposes and to issue you the warning that you must not make public accusations of cheating.

I’m going to leave the game result as it stands as your actions in the shoutbox don’t seem to have influenced the result.
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