Possible multi-accounting - [NO BUT 3 PLAYERS METAGAMING]

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Possible multi-accounting - [NO BUT 3 PLAYERS METAGAMING]

Postby EDP » 30 Dec 2017, 02:08


I'm not exactly sure how to report this. So if I am doing something wrong, please advise me a better way to go about this. But I am currently in a game that has several accounts that have played only a couple games on this website and they all see to show up over and over again in the same few games. Maybe they are all just friends and play Diplomacy very, very rarely and always play together. But this is a ranked game and not a friends game.

This is regarding 3 players in game 138284 "DL["


GreyCardinal has played only one game before this current game. (132044 "Glenn's Game 2" began June 23,2017) Both JamesDiego and Glenbo were players in that game as well.

JamesDIego has played only two games before this current game (132044 "Glenn's Game 2" began June 23, 2017) Both GreyCardinal and Glenbo were players in that game too. The other game he played was (128088 "Glenn's Game" began March 14,2017) Glenbo was a player in that game too.

Glenbo seems to be an active player with many, many games.

I notice that there is a 4th account under the name "taakoo" who also played in both (132044 and 128088). This account is not active in the current game (138284), but I bring this to your attention because it seems to be a part of the same pattern.

I don't know if its really appropriate to post this based on what I have found out. I just think the odds of them only playing a couple games but always plays together seems low.

Please advise.

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Re: Possible multi-accounting

Postby gareth66 » 06 Jan 2018, 21:05

Yes, you're right. They appear to be a group of friends. All their other games together were/are Friends games, this was the only one that was ranked. And it is clear that they were playing in breach of the meta gaming rules, not that it got them very far.

As this game has now finished, with a victory to yourself, there is no action to be taken in respect of this game. The only active game involving the group playing together is Friends, so no action to be taken there either.

Consequently, the only thing to do is to contact them to advise them about the metagaming rules and to warn them against future infringement.

Thanks for flagging it.
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