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Test Schedule

Postby Waterice man » 31 Jul 2009, 18:11

I plan to run each test on a 24/24/24 system. I realise this doesn't leave much time for negotiations, but this is a test to find problems in the map.

Partial indicates that only part of the map will be tested in this game. Further Partial games may run alongside the two given if needed. In some games, players may be specifically asked to form certain alliances

Name: Map by/Spring 01 due/Special changes

Full 1: 20 Aug/01 Sep/As given
Full 2: 09 Sep/16 Sep/nukes
Full 3: 24 Sep/01 Oct/As given
Partial 1: 09 Oct/16 Oct/
Partial 2: 10 Oct/17 Oct/
Full 4: 25 Oct/01 Nov/possible nukes
Full 5: 09 Nov/16 Nov/Different starting country
Partial 3: 24 Nov/01 Dec/Different starting country
Partial 4: 25 Nov/02 Dec/Different starting country
Full 6: 08 Dec/15 Dec/Different starting country, no moves 25 Dec or 26 Dec
Proper game 1: 09 Jan/16 Jan/(48/24/24) system, not with all testers

I realise that some games may overlap, but games can be delayed if necessary
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