Retreat phase bug (game no.187917) (no bug)

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Re: Retreat phase bug (game no.187917) (no bug)

Postby super_dipsy » 08 Jan 2021, 07:51

ColonelApricot wrote:A possible solution would be to enable visibility of finalisation requests to the player. That would reduce the incidence of spurious bug reports.

Not quite with you CA. The player can see if they have finalized because the Orders tab will say so. The corollary is that if the turn moves on before the deadline, you know everyone had finalized. I'm not sure what you are suggesting by 'enable visibility of finalization requests'. Do you mean a player should be able to see the history of whenever that player had finalized? So for example, if a player finalizes in a turn, then decides to make further changes and then refinalizes, then in the next turn does the same then the player should see a record saying
Spring 1901 - Finalized (time); Finaliized (second time);
Fall 1901 - Finalized (time); Finalized (second time);

Is that what you meant?
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Re: Retreat phase bug (game no.187917) (no bug)

Postby ColonelApricot » 08 Jan 2021, 12:58

Yes that is what I meant exactly. Hopefully by observing that they finalised that they realise that it is their own action that caused what they think is a bug but is not.
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