1 center, 2 units? (161133)

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1 center, 2 units? (161133)

Postby skullcrusher » 15 Nov 2019, 02:42

In this 3 player game, England and Austria have only 1 center left each, but they both have two units. How is this possible?
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Re: 1 center, 2 units? (161133)

Postby phoenixking6931 » 15 Nov 2019, 06:34

I looked at your game and found the nature of the bug, though I can't fix it. You're in a game where MiguelD14 controls both England and Austria. This player ordered England to disband Yorkshire, but somehow was also allowed to order Austria to disband Yorkshire. The game looked at this and decided that both countries were requesting a disband of Yorkshire, and Yorkshire would be disbanded since the order from England was valid, so the game decided that both England and Austria had successfully submitted one disband order. However, the game then realized that Austria's disband of Yorkshire was invalid, so it decided to cancel the disband of Yorkshire, even though the order from England was valid. But this cancelling did not tell the game to auto-disband an English or Austrian unit, leaving two extra units on the board.
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Re: 1 center, 2 units? (161133)

Postby condude1 » 15 Nov 2019, 22:33

Can confirm, this is definitely a bug. Also a very amusing and strategically sound play for E/A! :D
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