Bug: Fog WitA game not displaying order history correctly

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Bug: Fog WitA game not displaying order history correctly

Postby joe92 » 03 Oct 2019, 10:54

I recently finished this fog game: https://www.playdiplomacy.com/game_play ... _id=159274

In it the order history was not always telling me who cut a support order and sometimes it was. I was Brazil. If you look at the order history of Spring 1889 BC for Brazil you can find the following two orders:

Cordoba SUPPORT Chaco Austral to hold -> Support cut by A - Cordoba
Beni SUPPORT Manaos to Amazonia -> Support cut by A Cuzco - Beni

That first order isn't telling me who cut the support. The second order is.

So it clearly should be telling me who cut the order. I don't know for certain if this impacted me in any meaningful way, although knowing who was cutting orders would have been very useful. If I saw it coming from the same province time after time I could attempt a risky counter attack.

From a developers perspective there's one idea I can think of for what the problem is. Seeing the full order history now I can see the attacking province is La Rioja. It has a space. Perhaps you're using an associative array to loop through? The key has a space, it's broken. Or some other thing like this. If I were a betting man, I'd bet against that space :)

There were some other incorrect orders, although these had no impact on the game as it's obvious what is missing, but in every case there is a space:
Fall 1888, Trinidad MOVE East Caribbean -> Attack broken by F -
Spring 1888, Santo Domingo MOVE Sargasso Sea -> Destroyed by F -
Fall 1889, East Caribbean MOVE Haiti -> Dislodged by F Jamaica -
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Re: Bug: Fog WitA game not displaying order history correctl

Postby super_dipsy » 03 Oct 2019, 16:34

Thanks Joe. The issue will be just another one of the knock-on issues by WitA using a 4 character short name that mixes upper and lower case for territories rather than the traditional 3 character lower case one. It may be that in the code to view order histories it is still looking for a 3 char name or messing up the cases.
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