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wrong build orders

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 01:42
by Chibi
Hi there.

Game 152521. I'm playing as Turkey.

Yesterday I finalized my 1904 build orders as Fleet on Smyrna and Army on Ankara. This morning after talking with a certain nation, I changed my mind about the fleet on Smyrna and built an Army on Constantinople instead. I am certain that I finalized this change (but did not verify afterwards).

The next phase just started, and the builds went back to my original builds not the changed one. I am very surprised, and the nation I was speaking to thinks I never intended to change it. I did not want to deceive them and this was not the correct placement. I do hope that my actions have been logged so that this can be sorted out.

Now last night I did notice some strange behaviour with the placement that I sort of dismissed because what I had done was, I had 2 builds, but I made build orders in all 3 Supply Centers (as I changed my mind). What I should have done was deleted the order in the order and then make another one, but basically I could just keep making orders to build. And when I would make a new one, one of the others would disappear but it would move it to something different than what was previously selected. I figured it wasn't a bug but moreso just because I was making more build orders than I was supposed to (not trying to break it or be sneaky, I just expected it to negate the earliest order with the newest one.) So there was a bit of strange behaviour there but by the end of it I decided what I wanted and finalized and verified it was correct.

So then this morning when I made the change and finalized, the orders menu would have been correct at that time (army on Constantinople instead of fleet on Symrna). But after finalizing I did not go back and look and verify that it was correct.

I appreciate your help thank you.

Re: wrong build orders

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 04:51
by The Red Sphinx
Now someone with access can come along and extrapolate on what I’m about to say.

But very unlikely to have been a bug. Firstly - you fully admit you didn’t check your orders to see if they had been input as intended when you made the final change. That was your key mistake. Always check.

I find any number of things can affect the input of orders. At the top of that list is a poor internet connection or a connection that has slowed (maybe because of mobile data issues on a phone, or because the playdip server has slowed for some reason). So sometimes the order doesn’t go through and it can take a few attempts.

Secondly - when you input builds, then change your mind - you should always go to the orders tabs and cancel the one you don’t want by selecting the X first. Then add the new order. Otherwise the system won’t know which order you want to replace out of the two, and will automatically assign one to be replaced (someone will have to confirm if the system cancels at random, or has a formula, I.e it replaces the earliest input order first vs the latest).

Re: wrong build orders

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 06:39
by asudevil
It replaces the most recent one made IIRC

Re: wrong build orders

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 08:01
by super_dipsy
asudevil wrote:It replaces the most recent one made IIRC

Yep. It is a LIFO stack (Last in, first out).

As others have said, you should always check your orders before finalizing, and if you want to change an earlier Build order you need to X it in the Orders tab. Note also that when you check orders, if the Orders tab is red then that means you have not refreshed the orders yet. There is a Refresh Orders line at the bottom of the Orders tab box. While your Orders tab is red, it means you are seeing the LOCAL version of your orders; as mentioned earlier there are some situations where these may not have reached the server database. Clicking Refresh Orders forces the orders to be re-read fromt he database so you are guaranteed you are seeing your orders as they will be executed.

Re: wrong build orders

PostPosted: 29 Jan 2019, 17:12
by Chibi
I understand. I will be more careful.
Thank you all for your attention.