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Re: If you find a fleet/army icon not in the right place....

PostPosted: 19 Jan 2019, 21:55
by super_dipsy
frenchie153 wrote:Please help in game 152118! My orders for 1901 build were clearly Army in Moscow and Army in StP.

It showed as such on the graphic orders and I checked plenty of times before finalising several hours before the deadline.

Sorry you have had some problems. This thread is actually for when unit icons do not appear in the right place for a particular province, but anyway I can assure you that unfortunately you did not have two build orders entered.

There are a number of possibilities.
1. You may have had two orders in but then cancelled one by clicking the blue X in the Orders tab and forgotten to replace it
2. You may have entered orders but not checked to make sure they got to the server. You can always check this because if they have not been valdiated the Orders tab will be red. The way to be absiolutely sure is to click the Refesh Orders line in the Orders tab. This will go back to the database and read exactly what will be executed.
3. If you did all of these things and you confirmed the right orders were in the database, then the only remaining alternative is that someone accessed your account either by using your computer while you were logged in or they know your password. My advice would be to change your password immediately if this is the case.
4. The only other possibility is you were mistaken and did not enter the orders you thought you had

I'm sorry, I'm sure you are frustrated. But assuming you keep your centres you will get another chance in the next Build phase. My best advice, which many players follow as a habit, is to always Refresh Orders to check your orders before the phase processes - as I said, this guarantees you are seeing what is actually in the database. And make sure noone else can get at your computer! We have had situations where family members decided to play a little prank on their sibling....