Aberration AARs

GM: sroca. 2-way draw - Lord S (Poland) / King Jeff (Burgundy)

Aberration AARs

Postby King Jeff » 06 May 2009, 19:04

Aberration AAR – Burgundy (King Jeff)

I’ve never written an AAR so I hope I’m doing this right. Here is a link to a slideshow of all of the order phases of the game http://www.mediafire.com/?sharekey=2628 ... f6e8ebb871

This was the most enjoyable game of diplomacy that I’ve played. I really enjoyed playing on a map that no one had played before and especially liked the idea behind the Aberration map.

I decided to take Burgundy. Eire, Israel and Spain were already taken so I decided a nice land power would be fun to play, especially a land power with 3 guaranteed SCs yr. 1 ;)

I decided that my first move would be a bit of a gambit. I would take Lan, Bav and Den first year and save Hes for year 2 because it was essentially guaranteed.
Initial negotiations:

I sent everyone a greeting message at the start of the game (except Eire who had already sent me one, I responded to him) outlining what I thought we could do together or just touching base if we had nothing to cooperate on. Everyone responds to my messages except for Hungary.
- Spain: I proposed a DMZ along Pic, Fra, Gas and Cat; offering him Bri in the process. He accepts.
- Poland: I proposed to split the middle of the board and DMZ it once we have it secured. He accepts.
- Sicily: I told him I wanted Lan and offered to support Pie if he needs it. He accepts.

Poland, Sicily and Ukraine were complaining that Hungary was claiming one of the SCs that they considered theirs. I made sure that each of them knew that the other 2 also had beefs with Hungary. Hungary appeared threatening and didn’t respond to my message so I wanted to make sure that I would have help against him if/when I needed it.

Eire sent me a message asking me not to bounce him in Wes. I said that that was fair and asked him not to bounce me in Den. He told me that he wanted Den and thought it should be his. I told him that since I am letting him have Wes he should let me have Den and that I was moving there. He didn’t like this at all but I knew that he wouldn’t go for the bounce in Den because he would only pick up 1 build if he did that and wouldn’t get Norway. I had made an enemy.

I talked to Poland about what was going on with the Eire and he agreed to help me in the north with fleets. I tried getting Spain to help me but he was quite unresponsive so I figured he was coming after me. I talked to Sicily about it and he agreed to help me against Spain if the need arose. Poland told me not long after that Eire had asked him for help against me and told him that Spain was going to help too. I decided to give Spain the benefit of the doubt (that he was lying to Eire instead of me).

My game of chicken with Eire worked and I got Denmark.

Eire and I clash in the north with no SCs changing hands. Spain repeatedly violates the DMZ so I know he is an enemy. I pick up Hes for another build.
Poland, Hungary and I make an agreement to DMZ the middle of the map.

Convoy Resolved! I’d gotten an army on the British mainland! I grabbed Alc from Eire for a SC but more importantly that army is going to be a huge advantage in my fight against the Eire.
Sicily bouncing Spain in GoL keeps my western from safe while I’m pre-occupied.

I don’t gain a single SC. Poland got Norway so we’ve got Eire down to 3 SCs.
Hungary attacks Sicily in force. He is becoming a major threat and something has to be done about him. Poland and I decide that we need to strike sooner than later despite the fact that I’m fighting a 2 front war already. We decide to attack him in 1905.

Hungary asks permission to violate the DMZ by moving into Tyr so he could crack Sicily. I told him that it was fine then used that knowledge to bounce him in the spring. The funny thing is that he was asking me about a small infraction of our DMZ agreement when I had just built an army right in the middle of the DMZ. Luckily Sroca had messed up my orders on that build and it seems Hungary didn’t notice the army right away. Poland moved through Denmark in the spring and that led to speculation of a stab on me which featured prominently in Sroca’s observations. This may have led Hungary into thinking that Poland was still on his side.
I waited until after the spring move to tell Sicily that we were coming to his aid against Hungary. I trusted him but it was extremely important that Hungary not find out what we were doing.
In the fall I took Boh, Edi and Bri for a total of 3 builds (1 from each enemy). Poland picked up 3 too and Sicily and I continued to keep each-other alive in the south. Eire was reduced to 1 SC. At this point it was quite clear that Poland and I were going to win this game.

I take Wes, finally crushing the Eire. I also picked up Aus so I got 2 builds. Poland actually lost a SC this year, the only time that happened to either of us. I also helped Sicily take Ven and finally take back the boot.

I finally make a breakthrough against Spain. While the only SC I picked up this year was from Hungary, this was the turn where we crippled Spain.
Spain approached Poland offering to help him against me. He also suggested a set of moves. Poland “agreed” to help him then we looked at his moves for the best way to counter them. We managed to get a SC in San and 2 armies on the Spanish Peninsula because of it.

I take 3 SCs but fail to kill Spain because I’m an idiot. We had all of his SCs but I just strolled out of Toledo and gave it back to him. As far as I can remember this is the only truly idiotic thing I did this game. I moved out of Lan so that I could finally build a fleet on the Med.

I finally attack Sicily. Sicily had been a solid ally from the start but Poland and I worked so well together and were in such a dominant position that I couldn’t justify settling for less than a 2-way. I had suggested attacking Sicily the year before but Poland was worried that he would seal off the Med so we waited until we could have fleets in both Mor and Gib.

Poland: Lord S was easily the best ally I’ve ever had. The thought of stabbing him and going for the solo barely even crossed my mind. We worked together on almost all of our moves the whole game and had complete trust in one another. There was no concern when the other moved into one of our SCs and we always went with the move that was best for our alliance instead of what was best for us personally. Not only that but we were good at anticipating the other’s move. We could probably have played the entire time after solidifying our alliance without talking and still won, our strategic and tactical thinking was totally in synch.

Sicily: Faktotum was a great ally as well. We had more of a defensive alliance than anything and I think it worked out really well for both of us. He wasn’t as good of a communicator as Lord S and sometimes missed moves or made minor tactical errors but he was always willing to help and could be counted on for that crucial support. There was no way my western front would have held were it not for Sicily.

Eire: Lotr_Freak was a good enemy ;) It’s unfortunate that his country was pointed right at mine, as I think he would have made a good ally.

Spain: ThatIrishGuyJohn managed to hold his territory well but his frequent NMRs were the death of him. Next time you are going to break an agreement with someone I would recommend continuing to talk to them as if nothing was going on. Your silence and curt answers were a dead giveaway that you were coming after me.

Hungary: The Doctor was a formidable opponent. I think that you would have done much better if you hadn’t been so aggressive first turn. When you are under attack is the sort of time where potential allies remember that kind of thing. Poland getting you to screw Israel out of Ana (support Col to Ana) probably didn’t help matters either. You are a great tactician. It’s the diplomacy that killed you.

Everyone else: Good game! It was a lot of fun. I didn’t really get to interact much with Israel, Ukraine or Byzantium so I can’t really say much about them.

Thanks for the game Sroca :)

King Jeff (Burgundy)
King Jeff
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby Lord S » 06 May 2009, 23:50

EDIT: Sorry for the length of this AAR. I wanted to include everything but at almost 6 pages on word I think I overdid it. It took me hours. :D

Some of this is so long ago that I am having trouble remembering the very early stuff, but bear with me.

Now I thought it would be a good idea to write down my initial reactions to the players at the time so that I could remember them. It is so hard to remember what I origanally thought of them and looking back at it now (this is the first time I have read it since I wrote it before the Spring 01 moves) I see that some of my thoughts have changed. So here is what I wrote in its unaltered form:

"Initial views of each empire.
Eire, first to talk to me. Seemed friendly enough although straight to the point about the Baltic centres. Arranged Sweden to me and Norway to Eire. Eire implied maybe we should talk Denmark for ourselves.
Bugundy, very friendly. We proposed splitting the SCs between us down the middle
Sicily, started with an introduction about himself which I thought was a lovely idea. I may well adopt this for future games as it builds trust straight away. Worried about Hungary.
Hungary, claims Ven, Aus and Boh for the first turn much to many peoples surprise. I let this slide (although I could have put up more of a fight for Boh) as he was very forceful. We had a chat about Doctor Who though which made him seem less scary. Clearly very manipulative and eager for early expansion. Tells me to go for Ukraine and to fight for Mus which seemed like a good idea.
Ukraine, he disagreed to a DMZ in Mus so I planned to take it (as arranged with Hungary. The plan is to get 3 builds each this turn and with the help of Byzantine we wipe Ukraine out quickly as his position in our backs could cause us problems).
Byzantine, my favourite person to talk to at this stage. Plans to attack Ukraine in 02 and get his fleets out of the Med and into the Black Sea.
Israel and Spain no contact. I know this is wrong, but I had too much to do with the other 6 and they were far away."

Rather amusing looking back, but a lot of those opinions turned out to be rather perceptive.

Spring 01

My first problem was that of Mus. It caused me a lot of grief in that first year, simply because it bordered Warsaw (which I liked to think of as my capital centre). If it fell into Ukrainian hands then I would be forever at his mercy in case he wanted to pop into Warsaw or Nov. I was fairly sure that I wanted it for myself.

Sweden and Nov seemed like nice safe centres to get that turn, then I could pull those armies back to wherever they were needed so I wanted to get them. That big patch of centres in the middle could wait, too much conflict could go on over them between Burgundy, Hungary and myself.

I toyed with the idea of not taking Mus and I tried to DMZ it. I think I even tried to arrange a bounce there so that neither of us could try, but Ukraine was insistent that it was his (I can see his point).

With Hungary going crazy with laying claim to everything in sight I thought that would grow big very quickly. So in answer to this I talked to Sicily and Byzantine about the Hungary Containment Pact (HCP (I kept trying to bring back the abbreviation HCP later but nobody else ever used it :( )), which in essence was an unwritten agreement between us that we would take Hungary down if he ever got too big. I think giving it a name was a good idea because it allowed us to remind each other of it easily.

As weary of Hungary as I was, I saw the potential for using him to fight with rather than against, so I enlisted his and Byzantine's help in taking out Ukraine.

We planned all of the moves in 01 for that part of the world, which centred (heehee) around getting centres while I engaged with Ukraine to take him out early.

The central land powers (King Jeff, The Doctor and myself) were all big powerful army based powers naturally with a lot of naval powers all competing for control of the seas so I wanted to take advantage of this and we all had things to do. So we all had a DMZ of the central centres after we had collected them.

Burgundy and Eire both wanted my help in the war in the seas of the north. As my fleet had nothing else to do my original plan was to sell its services to the highest bidder up there. Strange how my greatest alliance could have come together in such a materialistic way.

Fall 01

Everything for this turn had already been planned for in the excessive communicating in the previous turn. I got my three builds at Ukraine's expense.

Spring 02

I decided to splash out (hehe...) on a fleet for the north since Spain was going against Burgundy. I rather fancied going into that naval war where I had very little to lose, but I would gain a lot of respect from Burgundy by helping him fight for his life.

I claimed my stake of the central centres as well, hoping that Hungary wouldn't go for Galicia. We were all growing fast with all those neutrals to gobble up.

When fighting a war against someone I like to go for the non centres first to surround the opponent. Even if they expect it they won't usually have the guts to go through with stopping me because they have more to lose if they don't. Good old game theory.

Anyway that is what happened when I took Pod and Don. No real damage done, but lots of potential and I get to spread my colour far into his empire.

Byzantine should have been sending more fleets to the Black Sea to help, but Israel was fast on his trail.

At least Hungary was keeping his word by moving against Ukraine (maybe like a vulture going in for the weakened prey? Sorry I'm making you out to be the villain of the piece. I'm sure you are lovely :D).

Fall 02

Movement in the North was slow, it was taking me ages to reposition my fleets to be useful because Denmark was blocking me. But I didn't really think of taking it for myself. I was going to go through Hol and out to open waters.

My agreement with Hungary was two centres of Ukraine for me, two for him. I didn't expect to get Ode though, maybe he was leaving it open for a fleet build? I agreed to evacuate Ode next turn.

Israel pounces on Byzantine, but I wanted him to attack Ukraine to finish him off. I like all the people I have wronged to die completely so that I don't have them coming back to haunt me later in the game.

Spring 03

Spurred on by success and my lack of opponents in the south I decided what I needed was more fleets. So two new galleons were issued and set sail in the frozen waters. We (I was now thinking of Burgundy and myself as a We up in the north) had the same number of fleets as Spain and Eire, but we had a couple of armies lurking around as well.

I put that army up in Finland to go and take Norway eventually.

This was actually a very key turn for us, all because of that army which got to Eire's island. Alc was guaranteed and Eire and Spain were showing that their moves were uncoordinated.

Both King Jeff and myself were very tactics based and we joked that we could coordinate this attack without even talking to one another because our thought processes were so similar. Everything we needed to do was seen by both of us, and as King Jeff put it above “we always went with the move that was best for our alliance instead of what was best for us personally.”

In fact his section about our alliance sums it up very well, go read that again.

My main problem around this stage of the game was lack of things to kill. Hungary was too powerful and useful for me to take on, Ukraine was already pretty much dead, Byzantine was out of reach and Israel seemed to be allied with the mighty Hungary.

Fall 03

The North continued on with us taking Alc and moving in on Norway. I think it was this turn that Eire and Spain bounced in Bru ^^.

Ukraine NMR'ed which allowed me to take Yal (which would have been really defendable from me). The plan was Hungary could build a fleet in Rum to help me get it, but that would have taken ages. So long Mr Ukraine (Erik?).

With the last neutral centre lapped up by Israel the golden age of easy expansion was at its end.

Israel was looking tied up by Byzantine and Sicilian fleets so I was happy that he wouldn't come up north.

Spring 04

Eire disbanded a fleet, and we forced a dislodge to disband another in the Spring. Brilliant! Another fine plan which went exactly our way.

Norway was taken which was rather unstoppable, but the rest of my forces just stopped. I had the redundant armies in Old Ukraine and my personal favourite; the army in Warsaw.

I liked to imagine it as a retired veteran of the wars retiring to go and live in my capital, ready to defend it if needed but generally relaxing. Picture Dad's Army here.

Sicily was crying for help here while Hungary took on both Byzantine and Sicily with his massive forces. I'll admit, I was too scared to take on Hungary. The game was going fairly well for me and I didn't want to ruin that.

Fall 04

Sicily still calling for help. I felt really guilty but I don't think I let on.

As sroca put it I put the final nail in Eire's coffin with my more to the NWG, aiming to go round and collect Dublin.

At the end of this turn, after much talk with Burgundy we decided to attack Hungary next year. We would never have a better opportunity than this, while Sicily and Byzantine could still put up some resistance.

Spring 05

More English attacking. I mean Eirish...

Anyway, I think it might have been just before now that we joked that every plan we made, no matter how unlikely, seemed to go to the dot. I felt rather invincible.

With Burgundies build we built in the DMZ but thanks to the best mistake sroca ever made he forgot to add it to the map. The Doctor didn't seem to realise that the DMZ had been broken and was talking of going to Tyr to stop Sicily getting round him. Fine we thought.

We made our moves of advancement and I arranged a little thing whereby Hungary would mess up his spring order to cause Israel to lose Ana. I really wanted Hungary to attack Thrace so that I could use that information to persuade Israel to help us against Hungary but he would have none of it and suggested the Ana thing instead.

We didn't want to tell Sicily yet just in case he would try to buy Hungary off with the information. It wasn't much of a probability but this was high stakes and top secret.

Fall 05

I told Sicily everything, bringing back mention of the HCP (yay!) and saying I was honouring the agreement. It seemed we came in at just the right time and Hungary only managed superficial colouring of Italy before he was forced to retreat. Shining knights of King Jeff and Lord S ride into view and beat back the evil dragon Doctor from eating the fair maiden faktotum.


We managed to get three builds each from 3 different empires. Our stab of our last major competitor was going well. Our lucky plans were carrying on.

Spring 06

We always intended to get all our fleets to finish with Eire then move onto Spain and then finally into the Med. So Spain was next on the hitlist.

Sicily was with us on this and I said he could have Morocco and Val, but he declined Val. Why did you do that?

All of our fleets in the north were a bit tiresome to coordinate down through the narrow passage of MAO and SAO.

I had to retreat on the Hungarian front (oh the horror of it) but it was ok. In the long term we had it planned out, for a slow grind, centre by centre affair.

I kept putting pressure on Israel to come with us against Hungary to be in on the 4 way (Burgundy, me, Sicily and Israel), but there was never going to be a 4 way.

I had wanted another fleet in the Black Sea since about 03.

Fall 06

We advanced all around. Not much to say really.

Spring 07

I think this is the turn where I became “best friends” with Spain. :D He suggested that I should stab Burgundy for a solo while not seeing Burgundies builds in the central centres (courtesy of sroca for messing up King Jeff's build order at the most convenient point again. What were the chances?).

With this I managed to get all of his moves to let Burgundy, myself and Sicily pillage Spain to our heart's content.

Israel helped against Hungary but wanted a fleet in the Black Sea which I couldn't stop.

Fall 07

Hungary NMR and it was over really.

The only thing that could slow us down was Sicily and Israel working together to plug up the WMS.

Spring 08

Into the IFN to gain position to get around. Spain dying. I move against Israel

Fall 08

Burgundy lets Spain live. Haha.

Spring 09 We can get past the plug while Israel seems to let me take the east with no resistance. Sicily about to get torn apart by the King.

Final thoughts on players

King Jeff: My favourite ally as well, everything was so natural. We could trust each other completely and like you I never thought of the solo. I'm glad we got the ending which we deserved.
I think talking to you as a person about the weather and driving tests was what made us, when it gets personal like that the synchronisation does come. I wish all my alliances went like this.

The Doctor: I thought of you of the antagonist for most of the game, but you were clearly very able. Tactically sound and although your diplomacy was on the brash side it certainly worked. I think it would have taken very few changes in the course of the game for you to have stayed as a major power.

Faktotum: I enjoyed talking with you, and as stated at the start, I think your little introduction in the very first message was such a good idea. I liked you, but you hadn't expanded enough by the end to be in on the draw. Fun playing beside you.

Metallord99: Generally quite easy to talk to and you got yourself a nice position; both of which stopped me making advances on your until the end. Instead I kept back those armies intended for you in New Ukraine.

Ukraine: Not really in it long enough to get to know you, but I had nothing against you. It is a pity my position was fairly entwined with yours.

LoTR_freak: That one mistake of letting the convoyed army onto your land, combined with an ally who wasn't coordinated with you spelt your downfall. But you yourself were obviously one of the strong veteran players at the board, clear in your actions.

Thatirishguyjohn: As soon as you made that mistake in Spring 01 which lost you Bri for a year, I rather wrote you off. But you proved to put up a good fight, it is a pity that your position didn't have many natural allies to turn to for help.

TheChosen1: You are the first person I considered allying with (I usually try to pick one strong ally in a game and you were my initial choice), you seemed to friendly and good at what you do. I was thinking that we could cut Hungary out at the right moment and split Ukraine between us, then you would go forth with fleets while I sweeped with armies. But after Israel started his attack on you I decided against it, you were too hard to salvage.

I was hoping you would survive as Sicily did when the HCP came into play, but it seems that it was a year too late for you.

Overall that was the best game of diplomacy that I have ever played. I think the map is well balanced, with a lot more naval wars than normal diplomacy.

Thanks Jeff, for sticking with me and for helping me without question. I hope we'll stay in touch now that this is over.
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby faktotum » 07 May 2009, 11:18

It was a great pleasure reading both of your AARs, so thanks for writing these up. I don't really have the time to go into as much detail, so I'll keep it short.

First impressions:
Burgundy: You seeme very nice and tactically capable right from the start, so I planned to make you my ally pretty much right away. Good choice.
Poland: You also seemed very nice although it became clear fairly quickly that our interests (in game) were somewhat divergent. Still, I was determined to make you another ally.
Spain: Not really willing to commit to much at the start, which made me somewhat sceptic. I never really trusted you.
Eire: We didn't really have much to talk about, but it was nice playing in a game with you.
Israel: Very pleasant, but our goals were not really compatible, so I kept my distance.
Ukraine: Again, not much to talk about with you, although I was happy you kept the Doctor busy for a while.
Byzantium: I didn't really kick it off too well with you, as like Spain, you were unwilling to commit to anything or even pretend to. That always makes me nervous. Unfortunately our lack of communication meant that later, when we should have worked together, I didn't really trust you.
Hungary: When you claimed Venice right away, I didn't think much of it. Big mistake! I should never have agreed to that and regretted it right away. That made me somewhat annoyed with you throughout the game. I realized quickly that you are a very capable player though and you completely outwitted me in the midgame. As the two others have pointed out though, your diplomacy could be less intimidating.

First off, I need to apologize that I didn't submit moves on occasion and became much less active in my communication towards the end. I basically increasingly became annoyed with my own stupidity and realized that after a while my chances at winning were pretty much gone. My first mistake, as noted above, was giving up Venice. It took me about half the game to get it back. My second mistake was that I didn't take it back when I had a chance to. I had arranged a very (and unnessecarily) complex deal with the Doctor and then got distracted when I should have paid close attention. The result was that I became dependent on Burgundy to get back Venice.

By then, I had turned into a junior partner in the alliance with Burgundy and Poland. I could tell that I could not really rely on either of them when I needed them. Only when it fit your agenda did you finally come to the rescue. No hard feelings here. It was my own mistake that made me not as useful an ally. Somewhere around this time I also dropped out of communicating on a regular basis. I only tried to stay in the game and make myself useful as an ally at this point to maybe get into a three way draw although I didn't really expect it (this is also why I gave up Val. I knew I had no shot at forcing my way into a draw, so I tried being nice). I got stuck in a tedious campaign against Spain, which didn't really help me much. A few tactical errors and a lack of trust with Byzantine spelled trouble for me in the mediterranean.

In conclusion, I really enjoyed playing with all of you, I think NMRs were reasonably limited and communication was pretty good all round. I would have enjoyed this game a lot more if I hadn't made such stupid decisions on two occasions, but I still had a lot of fun with this.
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby lotr_freak » 07 May 2009, 22:39

Not really much to tell from my point of view... I just got out-played straight up, and lost the game because of it.

When it first started up, I contacted the 3 powers near me, Spain, Burgundy, and Poland. Communication with Spain was positive, and he was interested in a long-term alliance. Sadly, lack of coordination between us kinda screwed that before it started. I suggested some anti-Burgundy moves from the very beginning, but he didn't want to do that early on, and so we were never really in position to put pressure on Burgundy. As King Jeff said, he and I became enemies rather quickly, when we had disagreements about Den. I knew that he was gonna gun for me, mainly because of his two home centers sitting on the coast. I probably would have done the same thing if I was him.... But the really crucial factor was Poland here. I thought I made a good agreement with him, and that he would help me against Burgundy. I'm not sure why exactly he ended up siding with Burgundy, but as soon as he did, I was screwed. Spain wasn't gonna be able to help me, and since I never got a foothold on the mainland, I couldn't make any progress against my enemies. They slowly overwhelmed me, and the army on my little island sealed my fate. :( I held off for as long as I could, but I really had no chance. Great game by Burgundy and Poland, they definitely deserved to win.
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby sroca » 09 May 2009, 01:22

I have yet to read everyones but here is my compiled Observations AAR.

Aberration: Game Manager After Action Report

Okay so I’ve finally figured out how to edit a map and I’ve started my first variant! It only took a couple of days and I’m excited to see how everything plays out on this new map. I’ve let several new players join as well as letting them choose their own country. Poland, the Ukraine, and Hungary are a bit smashed together meaning it won’t be long before conflict arises between them. There is not real Germany and Hungary and Sicily are removed far enough from each other not to run into the same issues as Austria and Italy. With nine players instead of seven I hope to see more conflict and interesting developments than in regular diplomacy.

Spring 1901:
And THE WAR BEGINS!!! Israel is the first to spread his color giving him the appearance of being larger than he is. Cyr seems to be his but Armenia has the Ukraine and Byzantium at its doorstep. The Balkans, strangely, are divided up peacefully in this variant with Hungary moving westward toward the Central concentration of supply centers. Poland gains the upper hand against the Ukraine bouncing him in Muscuvy and situating his other unit in Novgrod whom will be able to support Warsaw into Muscuvy in the fall. Poland also moves over to become part of the trio hoping to take a piece of Scandinavia. Both Eire and Burgundy have positioned themselves to take a center. Eire, of course, sends Alculyd on the errand of taking Wes. In the meantime Burgundy occupies Lan as well as joining Hungary near the Central supply centers. Sicily fans out looking to grab either Venice or Piedmont but could potentially be bounced out of either. Sicily also sends his fleets to grab Tunis, which is rightfully his. Spain tries to follow everyone else’s example in the supply center grab but misorders Santander leaving him with the prospect of taking only Portugal and Morocco and not Brittany as well.

Fall 1901:
It seems as if we have both a group of peacemakers and a group of brawlers. Burgundy, Eire, and Poland solve their potential disagreement in Scandinavia and each grab their available center. On the other hand in the Southeast, Byzantium, Israel, and the Ukraine all bounce in Armenia instead of taking Anatolia, Armenia, and Georgia respectively. This conflict leaves both Israel and the Ukraine with only one build while Byzantium grabs two. Oh and looking at the map again another area of conflict was solved peacefully with Burgundy, Hungary, and Sicily dividing up Lan, Venice, and Piedmont respectively. How much this will hurt the Southeast sphere will soon play out. Burgundy, Hungary and Poland turn out to be the early leaders in the supply center grab. All three gain three centers will little resistance. Byzantium, Eire, Sicily, and Spain all manage to color two neutral centers as well.

Spring 1902:
Some decisive moves were made this turn. Hungary moves hard toward Rumania with Poland surrounding Kiev as he gains a position in Saxony with Hungary's help. Burgundy continues to expand moving into Hes but it looks as if he will have to deal with resistance in the very near future. Burgundy takes Ang but is denied the North Sea with Eire gaining it. Eire and Poland bounce in Skaggerack while Eire moves his remaining two fleets out to sea. Spain moves into Brittany which he missed taking in the first year while protecting the MAO and moving vainly moving into Algeria against Sicily. Sicily positions himself around Venice and sees no aggression from Burgundy. Sicily also makes an active move toward Israel, as does Byzantium although it may be a give and take for Byzantium. Byzantium takes Armenia but Israel has it surrounded making it almost impossible to hold on to. Meanwhile the Ukraine moves into Geo but is surrounded on the home front and bounces with Byzantium in the West Black Sea. The future seems dark for the Ukraine and only muddy for Byzantium and Israel.

Fall 1902:
The Ukraine fell victim to what appears to be a Polish-Hungarian alliance. The Polish and Hungarians seem to be greedy grabbing THREE centers off of the Ukraine this year and leaving him with a sparse two units. Although Hungary only gains Rumania off of the Ukraine grabs Kiev and Odessa as well as Saxony giving him THREE builds and making him the "big brother" of the seeming alliance. The Ukraine does manage to grab Geo though. Byzantium is denied Armenia because of an Israeli invasion and plays a trade-off game with Greece and Cairo. Sicily stays put mostly but positions himself to take Cyr by holding Tripoli and moving into Tob. Spain happily grabs Brittany which he missed the first year and begins to position himself around his neighbor Burgundy in Lan. Burgundy takes an active step against Eire by dislodging the North Sea with Poland’s fortunate support cutting move although Poland is now positioned perfectly to take Denmark. Burgundy is able to grab Hes, giving him a build, and Eire, although he attempted moves against Burgundy has been stranded out in the Northwest edge of the map.

Spring 1903:
A deciding phase I do believe. Okay I'll start with the Ukraine and work clockwise. The Ukraine clings to his last SC in Yalta this year as Poland moves to Taurida to make an attack on it. I say last seeing as Geo was lost to Israelite invasion. How much longer can or will the Ukraine hold on. Byzantium and Israel continue their conflict with Sicily getting involved as well by putting up home in Cyr. Israel loses Greece but moves to Thr in the process since he knew Greece was untenable. Byzantium also blocks him in the Sinai Peninsula. Besides taking Cyr Sicily shifts over to position himself against Greece while Spain does the same as well. Sicily tries for Venice again but can't seem to get that support order submitted. Spain makes an attempt to gain possession of Lan, but is correctly interpreted by Burgundy; therefore, everything bounced. Spain also tries for Brussels but Eire does as well helping Burgundy out. Eire takes back the North sea with a vengeance but leaves himself wide open in Yorkshire. Now one more piece of information and then on to the good stuff. Burgundy convoys himself through Eire's defenses and lands safely in Yorkshire eyeing the Alc. This next part raised my eyebrows quite a bit. The area of conflict involving Hes, Bav, Sax, and Boh is now COMPLETELY EMPTY! This was quite disconcerting. Poland, Hungary, and Burgundy seem to have at least a non-aggression pact. Burgundy has shifted himself away to take on Eire and defend against Spain with Poland filling in all around Scandinavia. Poland is also continuing to position himself against the Ukraine as he offers Hungaray Odesa. Hungary continues his Southern campaign putting Byzantium, specifically Bulgaria, in his sights and somehow hanging onto Venice while repositioning. This game is starting to look grim and decided for some.

Fall 1903:
Ukraine's NMR costs him his last SC and he is first to fall victim in this game. Byzantium and Israel continue to duke it out and Hungary gets involved as well with a support move. To no avail though, Byzantium holds on to Greece and Israel is stuck in Thr. Israel gets the proud honor of taking the last neutral SC though. It's a little out of sight but Turkmenistan is now a lovely lime-green color. Israel also aids in the Ukraine's destruction by grabbing Georgia. Sicily finally gets in that support order, but it did little good since Hungary bounced him. Sicily tries takes Cyr from Israel and in the meantime tries to maneuver around Spain but is blocked. Spain offers help to England, but Burgundy proves strong enough to block them in Brussels and to block Spain in Lan. He also decides to take Alculyd off of Eire's hands and let Poland gain a better position in the Northern Seas. Poland decides to lend help in the North with an army in Nmk and grabs Taurida from Ukraine expelling him from the game. The DMZ in the middle of the map also begins to grow. Also there were no retreats this phase. Odd, but understandable.

Spring 1904:
Now my observations are all messed up. I can't start with the Ukraine anymore. Ah well. Anyhow, Byzantium and Israel continue their useless and time-consuming fight but with no outside help this turn. Thrace and the Aegean attack each other head on. Israel wins the battle over the Sinai Peninsula, but the victory is bitter sweet with Cairo moving to Del and having the potential to attack either Jerusalem or Damascus. Sicily also has the potential to be involved in the conflict now that he has occupied Lib. Byzantium, most likely unexpectedly, attacks and grabs Bulgaria, for now at least, while losing Greece to the dominant Hungary. Israel decides to focus on his fight with Byzantium than addressing the Polish threat although the Polish threat holds instead of pushing further Southeast. Sicily misses an opportunity to take Venice although it would have been untenable even if he had and unavoidable allows Hungary to land an army in Apulia. Sicily and Spain follow Israel and Byzantine footsteps and continue in their conflict. Spain is able to take Uti while Sicily gains the Gulf of Lyons. Spain's continual attack on Lan produces the same result is has every time so far, which is another bounce. Spain also tries an optimistic attack on Brussels but reality sets in and he is bounced out while letting Burgundy gain a better position by taking France. Burgundy and Poland make advances on their warpath with Eire. The indefensible Eire can do little but sit, watch, and take it like a European country. Both Yorkshire and Sweden are occupied by the Central Alliance. Besides taking Sweden and gaining a stronger position in the North Poland does little else but sit tight.

Visible Conflicts:
Burgundy and Poland vs. Eire
Burgundy vs. Spain
Byzantium vs. Hungary
Byzantium vs. Israel
Hungary vs. Sicily
Sicily vs. Spain

Fall 1904:
Let's see if I can remember all what went on this phase. All right here goes. Byzantium faces hostility from all sides this turn. Hungary keeps hold of his position in Turkey and with a little help from Israel takes back Bulgaria and in the meantime helps Israel into Anatolia. A favor for a favor I would assume. Byzantium even faced opposition from Sicily this turn in Cairo. At this rate Byzantium won't last much longer. Sicily and Hungary continue their conflict with Hungary gaining a strong position while Sicily converts to defensive mode. This will most likely put his war with Spain on a temporary (but probably permanent) hold. Spain seems to realize that his fight with Burgundy was a losing battle and mimics Sicily by shifting back to a better defensive position. Burgundy and Poland continue hard into Eire and grab Norway but also end up with a destroy. Poland's fleet in the Norwegian Sea seems to be the nail in the coffin for Eire though. Besides grabbing Norway from Eire, Poland seems to just be waiting it out not using the rest of his units to accomplish much.

Visible Conflicts:
Burgundy and Poland vs. Eire
Burgundy vs. Spain
Byzantium vs. Hungary
Byzantium vs. Israel
Byzantium vs. Sicily (new development)
Hungary vs. Sicily
Sicily vs. Spain (may be on temporary hold)

Winter 1904:
What are Burgundy's intentions building an army in Bavaria? Dij, Hes, and Denmark were all potential build centers yet Burgundy chose Bavaria. Is this only to arouse suspicion among the other players?

Spring 1905:
"Hmmm," is all I can say. What looked to be a pretty straightforward Burgundy-Hungary-Poland alliance has been slightly distorted. Poland stabs Burgundy by occupying Denmark, Burgundy appears to try to act in accordance with the alliance by moving down to potentially help Hungary but is bounced by Hungary, and Poland bounces with Hungary in the West Black Sea. Not to mention Poland's move to Galicia and his besieging of Odessa. Besides those developments mostly everything else goes on as before. Hungary attacks Byzantium with a convoyed army from Odessa while Israel continues his war with Byzantium. Anatolia is unexpectedly left open as a retreat option though. Byzantium may be the next nation to leave the table. There is a three way bounce in the Aegean as well. Sicily and Israel position themselves to take Cairo but Sicily is wary not to leave Cyr open for Byzantine invasion. Hungary marches deeper into the Italian peninsula while Sicily and Spain continue their petty fighting by bouncing in the Gulf of Lyons. Spain sits patiently in his defensive position, knowing it will take Burgundy a little more effort to break him. Lastly, Eire looks to be another prime candidate to bow out soon with Edinburgh falling to Burgundy and Poland swinging around through the North Atlantic Ocean to take Dublin.

Visible Conflicts:
Poland and Burgundy vs. Eire
Poland vs. Burgundy
Burgundy vs. Spain
Sicily vs. Spain
Hungary vs. Sicily
Poland vs. Hungary
Hungary vs. Byzantium
Israel vs. Byzantium
Byzantium vs. Sicily

Fall 1905:
Countries are being picked apart, alliances are breaking down, and defenses are crumbling! Eire and Byzantium are about to bite the dust being cut down to one and two supply centers respectively. Poland and Burgundy ruthlessly grab not only Edinburgh and Dublin but also Odessa, Budapest, and Bohemia. The three way alliance appears to have crumbled with the processing of this phase. Poland's inactive armies in the East finally move briskly into once friendly territory. With two destroys pending will Hungary be able to hold on and what will Israel do in light of this development? A breach in Spain and Sicily's defenses leave one retreating while the other experiences some good luck and holds his line. A wrong decision loses Anatolia to Byzantium while the capturing of Cairo fills in for the mistake. The future seems grim unless compromises can be made.

Spring 1906:
Poland and Burgundy seems to be the new alliance for now with Hungary being divided up between the two of them. Austria is claimed by Burgundy although Poland's untenable position in Budapest has been conquered. Hungary's new position is looking just as untenable though. Over in the West the oceans begin to be filled with the Alliances fleets as the intend to sweep downward on the map. Spain holds on but his supply centers look within reach for the fall though. Sicily looks to be in the same boat but he did support Burgundy into Tyrolia so will he be an exception? Hungary is surrounded on almost all sides. Whatever the outcome he doesn't look to be able to hold onto several of his supply centers this fall. Byzantium appears to be prepared to leave us but a move to the East Black Sea and Ala give him a slim chance of survival. Israel seems to be the only other country besides the alliance that is doing well but will that matter in the end?

Fall 1906:
Sad to say both Eire and Byzantium leave us this year. Eire didn’t have much choice and Burgundy’s vicious attack finishes him off. Byzantium could have been able to hold on just a bit longer but his NMR was his undoing. Israel profits from Byzantium and is able to grab both Anatolia and Smyrna. Spain is attempting to turtle still but the combined forces of Burgundy and Poland should be able to break his defenses in Northern Spain. Sicily is able to finally grab Venice from Hungary but if he doesn’t have any ties with Burgundy or Poland he will most likely be pushed out of the game not too long from now. Hungary is able to reclaim Budapest but loses Venice, Austria, and some of his defensive territories. Being squished between Burgundy and Poland he may not live long unless Israel is gracious to him.

Spring 1907:
Hungary is not long for this game with Burgundy, Poland, and Israel grabbing what they can off of him. Budapest is lost again to Poland as well as Constantinople to Israel although Rumania is able to hold on. The Fall doesn’t look hopeful for its defense though. Israel also with his newly build units begins his war with Sicily by beleaguering Cyr. Burgundy is able to resist the opportunity to attack Sicily’s armies and gains ground in Spain instead. Most likely predicting his demise Spain moves back to occupy his home supply centers. San has already fallen to Poland though so the clock is ticking on Spain’s continued existence. And of course the rebellion in Cor is crushed although the people of Uls seem to have been able to preserve their Eire ways. A draw was also proposed this year but defying the inevitable Israel rejects it seeing as he is the only one with a slimmer of a chance against Poland and Burgundy although it is futile I believe.

Fall 1907:
Fall has come and seven supply centers fall to hostile neighbors. Hungary is the hardest hit losing Budapest and Rumania to Poland, Szeged to Burgundy, Greece to Sicily, and Constantinople to Israel. Cut down to two units, Hungary is all but finished. Spain is in about the same position as well. San fell to Poland and foreign units surround all of his other supply centers. Cyr falls to Israel who is attempting to grow but as I said before resistance is futile unless Poland or Burgundy stab each other. Then it would still be hard to take or share in the win.

Spring 1908:
The game is winding down with Burgundy and Poland owning Half of the board. Not much to report besides the fall of Toledo and the taking of Budapest. This move is almost for certain not a stab since it is completely untenable and an unwise move. Poland also begins his move around toward Israel finally and I believe is looking to take Turkmenistan, which Israel is unable to protect no matter how he moves.

Fall 1908:
I laughed when I processed this phase. Spain through his newly developed Jedi mind powers tricked Burgundy into not taking Toledo although Portugal, Valencia, and Morocco fall the Burgundy (first two) and Sicily respectively. Burgundy annexes Zar while Poland takes Rumania. Hungary has been destroyed and Poland will be able to start taking Israeli territories not too long from now.

Spring 1909:
Winter passes and Burgundy and Poland have so many supply centers that they have random extra builds. Burgundy comes to his senses and reoccupies Toledo while Morocco, formerly a Sicilian annexation, succumbs to him as well. Poland slides into Turkmenistan before Israel can react and somehow, even though surrounded by Burgundy’s units, Sicily loses only Morocco. A draw proposal arises near the end of the phase and realizing the inevitability all players quickly send in their ayes and the game is drawn. Burgundy and Poland win! I can remember being quite upset with the stab of Hungary mid-game. Overall it was quite enjoyable to GM.

Thanks to all who participated.
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby sroca » 09 May 2009, 01:32

Haha so apparently I inadvertently helped out King Jeff and my AAR is just as many pages as Lord S' is. On to reading his...

Edit: And now after reading that I seemed to be as much a part of the Burgundy/Poland alliance as the countries themselves. :?

Edit: I'm so happy lotr_freak and faktotum wrote short AARs. :D

Oh and we need this:
Player List:
Eire - lotr_freak
Israel - metallord99
Spain - thatirishguyjohn
Burgundy - King Jeff
Poland - Lord S
Byzantium - TheChosen1
Ukraine - ErikVerhoeve
Sicily - faktotum
Hungary - The Doctor

Oh and what was with taking everything, even the non-supply centers, from Hungary? Just fun? Eire still held onto Uls though! :D
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"Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, 'Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts...'"

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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby Lord S » 09 May 2009, 16:08

A cracking read!

Interesting how you go from Spring 05 to Fall 06 though ;)
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby sroca » 10 May 2009, 03:10

Lord S wrote:A cracking read!

Interesting how you go from Spring 05 to Fall 06 though ;)

Whoops. Oh well. I'll try to fix it later if I have time.

Well they were already written, (Sweet!!!) so I posted them.
Hebrews 3:7-8a (ESV)
"Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, 'Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts...'"

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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby The Doctor » 10 May 2009, 21:04

Can we go back and change the draw proposal to include sroca?

Sorry, no time for AAR right now. I'll try to do it soon. Stupid AP tests.
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Re: Aberration AARs

Postby deanchuk » 16 May 2009, 11:07

is there going to be a secend round of this?
because i think its a nice game, we should keep playing it.
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