Summer break?

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Summer break?

Postby kininvie » 25 Jun 2009, 02:46

I raise this as a question to all players (and the GM of course)

A number of forum games have come to a stuttering halt recently because of the inability of players or GMs to continue.

Imperial is going strong. It's a fascinating game, with a truly first class GM ( :!: ) and it would be a great shame if it were to go the same way. But at the rate it is going, it will easily run through July and August, and probably September too.

However - assuming that players are in the Northern hemisphere - the summer holidays and breaks are looming.

So how is everyone placed? Should we perhaps freeze the game at the end of June and re-open it in August or September?

What would be best? Have your say here....and then I could put up a poll so that we can decide.

The most important thing, obviously, is what the GM's position is, as we can't exactly make progress when he is sunning himself on the beach :)

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Re: Summer break?

Postby AardvarkArmy » 25 Jun 2009, 09:11

no need for summer break here -- if I get a vacation this year, it will be after Sep 1...

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Re: Summer break?

Postby dilip » 25 Jun 2009, 09:48

i don't really need one. In fact i may become more busy from spetember onwards (but i could still play). Saturday onwards i'm back to normal
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Re: Summer break?

Postby Jaded Knight » 25 Jun 2009, 15:28

I (like many others i presume) cannot afford to go on vacation this summer. I can devote the needed attention to the game that it deserves until the end.
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Re: Summer break?

Postby raytheruler » 25 Jun 2009, 16:19

Just came back from a break, so i should be fine for the duration of the game.
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Re: Summer break?

Postby Waterice man » 25 Jun 2009, 17:34

I'm away for a week in August, and I will gladly pause the game if anyone tells me he/she will be absent. It would be helpful if you could get someone else to send in orders for that period.
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