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Re: 2pc France vs Austria?

PostPosted: 02 Nov 2020, 16:24
by FloridaMan
Jensen wrote:I would consider myself to play Turkey competently. In 1901 I would open with Smy to Arm to Sev, con to bul to ser, and ank to con to bul sc. Then build f smy, a ank and a con.

In 1902 ank to arm to sev, con to bul to rum, smy to aeg to ion, ser to tri to ven and bul to Greece then hold. Sev to mos and then most likely stp if there's already been a convoy to Norway or war if there has not.

Would you do anything differently?

Nope, I opened in exactly the same way as you, I believe.

In retrospect, I have now actually tried the England versus Turkey things out. It was basically a draw... so I am either playing Turkey incompetently, or the positions are rather evenly matched.