Getting Strong without Getting Scary

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Getting Strong without Getting Scary

Postby BrotherBored » 29 Aug 2020, 22:24

A fan of my blog sent me a question:

Hey I’m new to online diplomacy myself and recently discovered your blog during quarantine. I feel it’s already helped my game a lot.

My question regards going for the solo victory. In a couple games recently I’ve run into the situation where I take the early lead with eight or nine centers and the other players quickly work together to put a stop to this. So my question is how do you position yourself in the early game to go for a solo without drawing too much attention and having alliances form against you. Thanks!

Read my article if you want to find out the advice I gave!

Also, I've been working hard on improving the presentation of my content, I would love to hear feedback on that aspect of the article.
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