Playing mid-game defense

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Playing mid-game defense

Postby hsiale » 10 Jul 2020, 18:01

There are many opening guides all over the internet, as a beginning player I read a lot of them and partly thanks to this in all of my first 3 games I survived into midgame in decent shape. There are also some articles on how to convert a good situation into a solo win or how to prevent someone else from doing this, so far I have not yet been in a position to start using them.

But what I cannot find anywhere is some tips of mid-game defense - general rules on what to do when there are 3-5 countries left on the map, everyone allies against you, together they are stronger and you want to survive and buy yourself as much time as possible to try and crack the opposing alliance's unity via diplomatic means, or simply showing some of them that there are easier places for conquest than you. Do you know of some source of such knowledge I might have missed?
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Re: Playing mid-game defense

Postby hedge trimmer » 10 Jul 2020, 23:23

Generally it's very hard to defend against such an alliance for long. I tend to focus all my attention on defending against one side, while trying to convince them that they should instead just let you defend against the other people before they get all your centers.

Instead you should be making sure your early game alliances last outside the early game, so the situation won't turn into an everyone vs you situation in the first place. Are you communicating enough? Are you making sure you're not making pointless small stabs that cause everyone to turn against you?
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