The Power of Flattery

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The Power of Flattery

Postby umbletheheep » 29 Mar 2020, 02:06

In this week's Briefing, I focused in on using flattery in your diplomacy games.

What was your most shameless time that you used flattery?

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Re: The Power of Flattery

Postby UM85 » 29 Mar 2020, 06:13

I remember one game I was playing England. I was allied with Italy. Austria was the dominant force on the board. Italy was not a strong player and had gotten itself badly out of position with pieces in the eastern Balkans and in Spain/Portugal but very weak in the middle. I desperately needed Italy to blunt Austria's march to a solo but given the strategic situation, it looked hopeless for Italy. I had Italy badly set up in the West so on a fall turn I plunged the knife in Italy and took its western SC's. (A 3 SC stab, never had done one of those before ... or since. Took Italy from 9 to 6 SC's or something like that.) I figured what the heck, I'm probably throwing game to Austria but this appears to be the only option and I'll never get a 3SC stab again in my lifetime. And then something extremely unusual happened. Through a series of moves the next year, Italy managed to switch its place on the board with Austria in the Balkans and the Eastern Med. I looked at Order History for a long time trying to figure out how Italy did it and realized they didn't so much as do it rather they retreated back into better spots after being dislodged. I still badly needed (the much weakened) Italy so I wrote the following: "I know you probably wouldn't want to hear from me and I totally get it. But I wanted you to know that in all the time I have played this game, the series of moves you have made over the last two turns may have been the best moves I have EVER witnessed. YOU SWITCHED PLACES WITH AUSTRIA. If I had known you would be able to do that, I never would have stabbed you. A tip of the cap to you! I wish you all the best the rest of the game. If I can help you, I will."

For the rest of the game Italy directed all his efforts against Austria. I solo'ed.
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