Video Journal/Commentary - Nexus S4G1

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Video Journal/Commentary - Nexus S4G1

Postby Captainmeme » 27 Feb 2020, 00:19

I know there are a lot of 'AAR' style Diplomacy Videos out there, but I think there's a huge lack of anything that actually goes in-depth on the press and the thoughts each round. This is an analysis I recorded phase-by-phase as I was playing the game - it's a long watch, but hopefully worth it!
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Re: Video Journal/Commentary - Nexus S4G1

Postby dib » 27 Feb 2020, 13:16

Ta for share Captain

Loving it so far - well done

I sat threw the four hours and actually thought it was great

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The end *spoiler* alert comes quick but that can happen sometimes!

Brilliant well done

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Re: Video Journal/Commentary - Nexus S4G1

Postby Matthias_013 » 02 Mar 2020, 21:17

Nice work on this. It was quite well done and very interesting!
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