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LMS Mission Oktoberfest

PostPosted: 24 Feb 2019, 01:30
by woelpad
A new year, a new Zine, a new puzzle. Not a riddle this time. If anything is unclear about the setup, just ask. The link to the problem is given below. Only the first puzzle interests us here. ... unich.html

This is a so-called Last Man Standing puzzle. The premise is that you start with the usual Spring 1901 starting position and through cooperative play reduce the board to just a single unit in just 4 years time. All Standard game rules apply and nothing else.

You're given the final map after Winter 1904 with the sole surviving unit located in its final destination, which in this case is the Turkish army that started the game in Smyrna and ended up in Munich. The map shows the ownership of each supply center. As you can see, no neutral supply centers were ever captured in the course of the game, although units might have moved through on a Spring turn.

Title: Army Smyrna to Munich, After Winter 1904
Unit and Supply Center Chart:
Code: Select all
Austria (0/2)         Bud Vie                   
England (0/5)         Bre Edi Lon Lvp Par       
Italy   (0/5)         Mar Nap Rom Tri Ven       
Russia  (1/3)         Ber Mos War               
Turkey  (1/7) A Mun / Ank Con Kie Mun Sev Smy Stp

Sometimes the problem statement imposes some further conditions on how the game proceeds. One invariable condition is that at the halftime point, after Winter 1902 (at the start of 1903), all powers should still have at least one unit on the board. Furthermore in this game we're told that the supply center in Munich will change hands every single year and never to the same power as in any previous year, so that in the end only two powers will never have owned the center.

Normally you would be requested to reconstruct the entire game, but in order to make it a little more manageable, I will only ask you to answer the following two questions.

  1. List in order the power owning Munich at the end of each year.
    • W1900: Germany
    • W1901:
    • W1902:
    • W1903:
    • W1904: Turkey
  2. List all units (power, type, location) still on the board after Winter 1903, which is to say at the start of 1904. It can be proven that the maximum number of units in order to achieve the goal of a single remaining unit a year later, is 4. I'll gift you one of them.
    • Turkey: A Kie

Feel free to cooperate in order to find the solution. Accolades go to the first person in this thread who answers both questions correctly.