Walk me through how these orders are resolved

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Walk me through how these orders are resolved

Postby jasongraph » 19 Aug 2017, 07:50

Suppose Attacking unit from space A (A for attack) is supported by 2 other units to attack space T, (T for target).
Space B (for bounce) also targets space T with 2 support.
Additionally space T attacks space A with 1 support.

Would T make it to A? Order resolver says no, but I would want to understand why. The fact that A does not end up moving and T attacks it with support tempts me to think that it would work.
Out of curiosity, if T had 2 support would it make it to A?
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Re: Walk me through how these orders are resolved

Postby asudevil » 19 Aug 2017, 08:08

T wouldn't make it because its trying to move to a space that is moving on it with more support...

But lets use some territories here. So SIL is moving to MUN with BOH and TYR support...and BUR is moving to MUN with KIE and RUHR support...those would bounce 3v3

Now if MUN was moving to SIL with WAR support it wouldn't make it because SIL was moving on MUN with a power of 3 (2 supports)...and MUN was moving on SIL with a power of 2 (1 support)...even with a second support from GAL...it would be a 3v3 standoff...it would need support from like GAL and PRU to be able to beat it 4v3.

Really the bounce of SIL in MUN with BUR...prevents SIL from taking MUN...but is totally ignored with the moves of MUN-SIL...because MUN-SIL is weaker than the SIL-MUN move...but the SIL-MUN move isn't strong enough to TAKE MUN...cause of the BUR order

Hope that makes sense...its complex...but your T doesn't move.
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