Russia strategy

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Re: Russia strategy

Postby Jack007 » 09 Apr 2017, 13:19

Excellent synopsis of the Russian play. Thanks Nibbler. :)
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Re: Russia strategy

Postby Zubb » 25 Apr 2017, 17:06

I see one point for the discussion here - I've read in different places that Juggernaut is better for Turkey long-run, not for Russia. How I see it - after Turkey has secured Ionian it becomes almost immune to stabs and has a perfectly defensible corner, while Russia can never both continue the expansion & keep enough troops in the South to stay safe from Turkish stab.
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Re: Russia strategy

Postby twoangelgoats » 01 Jan 2018, 03:33

Zubb wrote: Austria (who is likely already mildly depressed)

I know this post is old, but this made me laugh very, very hard.
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Re: Russia strategy

Postby HunsRus » 22 May 2019, 21:53

I know this post is ancient, but here goes:

1) Germany and England cannot be allowed to ally. If that happens, you need to open north (which isn't ideal since most of your gains will come from the South). the best case scenario for Russia imo is a Sea Lion opening, then Germany has an incentive to allow Russia into Sweden in the Fall of 01 and England has an incentive not to antagonize you. The E/F alliance isn't as good an outcome since, though Germany should let you into Sweden, England also has an incentive to push East which isn't good for you.

2) Russia can have a solid long term alliance with any country in the East. You can ally with Italy and take out Turkey and Austria, ally with Austria and take out Turkey and then turn Westward, or ally with Turkey for a classic juggernaut (though I recommend a Black Sea bounce in the Spring to be on the safe side)
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Re: Russia strategy

Postby DirtyHarry » 26 May 2019, 03:11

Hello. You might read this article. Toby Harris has some great ideas about how to play Russia. ... ussia.html
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