Stabbing For The Draw

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Re: Stabbing For The Draw

Postby senorita21 » 25 Feb 2017, 18:08

gsmx wrote:Stabbing for a draw certainly can make sense in irreversible circumstances where you see a solo in reach of another player, but your problem really was letting it get that far. If you're in a well oiled alliance you should have used diplomatic influence to correct the lack of parity a long time sooner. Sometimes these things slip out of reach inadvertently, perhaps one of your allies neighbors unexpectedly kingmakes him, but for the most part you have options.

I have just finished a game and soloed. I was Russia. Italy my ally pointed out that there was a disparity in our strength: him 6 me 10 and that the "whole world" was wondering if I intended on soloing. He also wanted the lion's share of our coming conquest of Turkey. I reassured him I was not intending to attempt a solo (though I was considering it) and outlined a plan for the conquest of Turkey which gave him what he wanted. Then, bizarrely, France happily accepted my offer of a four way draw but pointed out I had a solo. In addition, Turkey stated that he needed help with the conquest of Italy! I decided to go for it.

So, I stabbed Italy and then a perfect storm of good circumstances eventually led me to soloing. Italy could not negotiate away the disparity (I even helped him gain Vienna in the Spring only to take it and Budapest away in the Fall). All he did was put me on notice. Sadly, for him, I was not exposed to his forces so he could not stab for the draw.
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Re: Stabbing For The Draw

Postby Guns of Brixton » 09 May 2017, 12:25

Octavious wrote:Not at all. I'm a great believer in credit where credit's due. A petty, crass individual may gain enjoyment from talking others down, but if I come across a player with above average skill I will come straight out and say that they are indeed above average.

You are easily, easily, amongst the top 200 players I've encountered in the past couple of years, and shame on anyone who suggests otherwise.

That's funny. Couldn't quite squeeze gsmx into your Top 20 so you thought you'd be safe and put him in the Top 200!
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