Wintergreen (RI)

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Re: Wintergreen (RI)

Postby appleseedy » 13 Feb 2017, 18:19

its notable how often Italy get involved in the East.

A player willing to invest time in diplomacy in the first season can usually convince Austria that he needs support in case of a juggernaught if not a full blown Lepanto and Russia is usually interested in putting Austria or Turkey on the chopping block.

Its the unbalance and the reason that the Milan variation was conceived i assume. Russia can work with all three powers wheres turkey can only really work with Russia but turkey has a better defensive position that Austria or Italy.

As regards the OP turkey can go down in Spring 1903 at the latest if all three work together. and Italy can choose to support either Russia or Austria depending on the board position. I see wintergreen Openings as very good for Italy
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Re: Wintergreen (RI)

Postby Jont828 » 30 Jun 2017, 17:53

I'm not an expert, but I have played a Wintergreen alliance as both Russia and Italy in separate games. Turkey and Italy are natural rivals and will clash for the Southern Seas in the later stages of the game, so it's preferable for the Italian player to have Wintergreen go for Turkey first with the help of Austria. Given that Austria only has Trieste, Italy will not have trouble controlling the seas with Turkey gone. However, you need to gauge the intentions of both Austria and Turkey with Russia's help. If Austria, for instance, seems uninterested, unresponsive, or doesn't know what he/she is doing, then you'd be better off siding to get rid of Austria than work with an unreliable ally.

At least in the games I've played Wintergreen, the Russian player has always gotten the upper hand. That, however, depends on the situation with England, France, and Germany. If England and France ally, then Italy will have a hard time getting builds as Russia will eat up what's left of Germany, but if Germany and England ally, then Russia will find trouble in the north while Italy can pick up some French centers.
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Re: Wintergreen (RI)

Postby DirtyHarry » 01 Jul 2017, 01:05

"Russia can work with all three powers wheres turkey can only really work with Russia ..."

My limited experience on the site has taught me differently. As of this writing, I've only got 6 completed games on the site, but in 2 of those games, Austria and Turkey were together part of the 3 way draw, including one where I was Austria. Ultimately it comes down to communication, and when I was Austria, Turkey was much easier for me to communicate with than Russia. So even though we were on opposites sides of the world, we had a great rapport and tag-teamed Russia, and wound up in a 3 way draw with France.
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