Spring 395 BC Retreats

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Spring 395 BC Retreats

Postby nickjb3 » 13 May 2009, 04:00

Spring 395 BC results


A Ale – Jer (resolved)
F Gop C A Ale – Jer (resolved)
A Sii S A Ale – Jer (resolved)
A Tye S A Ale – Jer (cut by Syr to Tye)
F The – Ale (resolved)
F Egy S F Gop H (resolved)
F Lib S F Egy H (resolved)
F Got S F Lib H (resolved)
A Tha S A Num H (resolved)
A Num S A Tha H (resolved)


Syr to Tye (bounced: Insufficient support)
Anf to Sid (resolved)
Dam to Ara (resolved)
Jer S Syr to Tye (cut by A Ale – Jer [retreat])
Cil to Egy (resolved)
Cap to Dam (resolved)


tar MOVE mas (resolved)
sic MOVE aus (resolved)
mes MOVE aeg (resolved)
ion SUPPORT mes to aeg (resolved)
adr MOVE ven (resolved assuming you mean rav)
dal MOVE ill (resolved)
epi SUPPORT dal to ill (resolved)
vin SUPPORT dal to ill (resolved)
car MOVE sic (resolved)
pun CONVOY car to sic (resolved)
nea MOVE tyn (resolved)


rha to eir (resolved)
dac to ill (bounced: Not sufficient support)
mac sup dac to ill (resolved)
aeg sup mac to hold (support cut by mes MOVE aeg [retreat])
spa to ath (resolved)
cre to messen (resolved)

Spring 395 BC
Deadline: Wednesday 9 PM EDT [Thursday 2 AM GMT]

Greece and Persia both have one retreat.
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