Spring 396 BC.

GMs: nickjb3, retard.in.denial. 2-way draw - Dunkelseele (Rome) / Magmaniac (Egypt)

Spring 396 BC.

Postby nickjb3 » 28 Apr 2009, 19:11

Fall Retreat and Winter Build 397 BC Results.

Rome (Dunkelseele)
Build Army nea (resolved)
Build Army rom (resolved)
Build Fleet rav (resolved)

Greece (trkertrsh)
sip retreat to che (resolved)

Persia (flatley)
No orders to complete

Egypt (magmaniac)
Build A Mem (resolved)
Build F The (resolved)

Spring 396 BC orders
Deadline: Thursday 11 PM EDT [Friday 4 AM GMT]

If you want me to post in other time zones please reply on this thread with the time zone you want me to add.
If you notice any mistakes please tell me.
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