Fall/Winter Retreat 397BC and Winter Build: New GM

GMs: nickjb3, retard.in.denial. 2-way draw - Dunkelseele (Rome) / Magmaniac (Egypt)

Fall/Winter Retreat 397BC and Winter Build: New GM

Postby nickjb3 » 25 Apr 2009, 04:40

Hi, I am your new GM. I have not GMed a game in a few years so I could be a little rusty. If you notice a mistake please tell me.
If I don't know I made a mistake I can't fix it!
I am giving you some more time than normal to submit orders because some of you might not have looked at this thread in a while. I will be sending each of you a PM so that you know that this game is back up and running.

Fall 397 BC results.
Orders were as follows:
Rome (Dunkelseele)
sag HOLD (resolved)
car HOLD (resolved)
bal MOVE lig (resolved)
ber SUPPORT car hold (resolved)
nea MOVE ion (resolved)
aus SUPPORT nea to ion (resolved)
vin MOVE dal (resolved)
pun MOVE sic (resolved)

Greece (trkertrsh)
che to arm (resolved)
sip sup che to arm (support cut)
bit to gal (bounced)
mil to hyz (resolved)
min hold (resolved)
aeg to mil (bounced)
mes to cre (resolved)

Persia (flatley)
Cil to Mil (resolved)
Isa S Cil to Mil (resolved)
Gal S Cil to Mil (support cut)
Cap S Arm to Sip (resolved)
Arm to Sip (resolved)
Egy to Min (bounced)

Egypt (magmaniac)
A Cir - Tha (resolved)
A Num S A Cir - Tha (Resolved)
F Tha - GOT (resolved)
A Lep - Cyr (resolved)
F GOT - LIB (resolved)
F LIB - ALE (resolved)
A Pet - Jer (resolved)

Fall Retreat/Winter Builds 397 BC
Deadline: Monday 11 PM EDT [Tuesday 4 AM GMT]

The map is posted below.

As I see it Greece has one retreat from sip.

Rome has 3 Builds.
Egypt has 2 builds.

If you want any other time zones posted please tell me on this thread. Give it to me in GMT +/- [number] please.
Also if you notice any mistakes please tell me.
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Re: Fall/Winter Retreat 397BC and Winter Build: New GM

Postby retard.in.denial » 25 Apr 2009, 09:38

Good to see yo're going again...
Its cause I'm awesome.
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