Fall 398BC

GMs: nickjb3, retard.in.denial. 2-way draw - Dunkelseele (Rome) / Magmaniac (Egypt)

Fall 398BC

Postby retard.in.denial » 04 Apr 2009, 23:31

Spring 398BC results:

Orders were as follows:
Rome (Dunkelseele)
sam SUPPORT che HOLD (resolved)
rom MOVE lig (resolved)
sad HOLD (resolved)
pun MOVE ber (resolved)
tyn MOVE pun (resolved)
mas HOLD (resolved)
aus SUPPORT tyn to pun (resolved)

Greece (trkertrsh)
a che sup bit to sip (support broken)
a mac to hyz (resolved)
f ath to aeg (resolved)
f mes hold (resolved)
f min sup mil (resolved)
a bit to sip (bounced)
a mil hold (resolved)

Persia (flatley)
Arm to Che (bounced)
Sip S Arm to Che (support broken)
Gal S Cil to Mil (resolved)
Cil to Mil (bounced)
Dam to Cap (resolved)
Tye to Syr (resolved)

Egypt (magmaniac)
A Cir S F Pun - Car (supported false command)
A Lep S A Mem - Mar (resolved)
A Mem - Mar (resolved)
F Gos S A Lep H (resolved)
F Cyr S F Ale - Lib (resolved)
F Ale - Lib (resolved)
A Pet Hs (resolved)

Carthage (rayray)
car MOVE cir (bounced)
tar MOVE sag (resolved)
got MOVE tha (resolved)
pha MOVE num (resolved)

If you disagree with any of my results or build commands then please dont be afraid to point them out and take them up with me, I will happily work with you to resolve the issue.

This phase: Fall 398BC

Deadline: Monday 6th April [22:00 BST / 17:00 EDT / 14:00 PDT]
Rome - 7 units to command
Greece - 7 units to command
Persia - 6 units to command
Egypt - 7 units to command
Carthage - 4 units to command
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