Auto surrender changes after 3 successive NMRs

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Re: Auto surrender changes after 3 successive NMRs

Postby super_dipsy » 28 Jan 2011, 07:21

iShine wrote:Why not just make it 3 successive phases of ANY type, not just the moves?

I realize that to those more dedicated players who spend a lot of time on the site, this still feels terribly long. Also, there can be no doubt that 3 movement phases has a drastic effect on the country concerned. However, for a 12/12/12 game (which a lot are) this could easily be only a little more than 24 hours, and being interrupted in RL for a day/night is not unusual.

I have to say personally, however, that in contrast to my early days on the site, when I just joined any game and used to see NMRs all the time, now that I am more selective about the games i play I rarely see anyone NMRing. Password games help, the Classicists and other communities too, and playing mostly with Premium players. The last point is not intended to be a slur on non-premiums - sadly there are plenty of examples of premiums who do walk away from games - but perhaps more a reflection that with a 3 game limit there is a much higher incentive to get out of a game if it is not going well to allow you to enter another.
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Re: Auto surrender changes after 3 successive NMRs

Postby iShine » 28 Jan 2011, 23:47


But if someone is playing a 12 hour game and you're likely to be interrupted then that person shouldn't be playing them.

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