Stats changes

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Stats changes

Postby Avalanche » 19 Oct 2010, 11:16

super_dipsy has put the latest stats changes up. The website stats now show the correct number for 'registrations per day' and the average number of games per user now has 2 decimal places.

The longest/shortest games on the Games page have also been updated.

The longest finished game took more than a year to complete! But there is a game that started in March 2008 and it's still going too ;-)


Game: ... ame_id=904
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Re: Stats changes

Postby Caladin » 19 Oct 2010, 13:29

This is the wrong place, but can we also have the percentage of games without a single NMR?
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Re: Stats changes

Postby kininvie » 20 Oct 2010, 21:12

Grammatical quibble:............

Can we have 'total number of..' rather than 'total amount of....' ?

(number being countable, amount not being countable)

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