Reliable players and reliable GMs

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Re: Reliable players and reliable GMs

Postby UpQuark » 05 Oct 2012, 15:17

1 completed game takes 6 months (at least) or often more - some over a year. Forum games take longer than the games on the main site, often because they are bigger and perhaps more complicated.

Even at 2 games at a time, to reach a score of 5 - Journeyman - requires an investment of over a year.

There is also an issue of how to track & grade such a system. There are other factors involved beside simply completions.

It just seems a bit impractical, and adding complexity to such a system as you propose doesn't seem to me to be workable either.
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Re: Reliable players and reliable GMs

Postby Pedros » 13 Oct 2012, 05:11

Good idea ColinO, but UpQuark's right about the timescale involved; but there's another point as well - although it takes a long time to establish a record of reliability, we've had plenty of players who've extablished a record of serious unreliability in the space of a month or so! (And that can happen even to previously very reliable players - one member [no names] who had been an extremely involved and reliable player for a long time, suddenly became utterly unreliable over a period of a couple of months.)

GMs now talk to each other a lot about the games they are running, and unreliable players very quickly get known to them all. Most GMs will indicate when they begin sign-ups for a game what their standards are for that game; it's important to have some games which new DVFG players can join and others - usually the complex ones - which are reserved for those with a good track record.
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