GM: kininvie. Game ended with no resolution


Postby King Teraniar » 19 Apr 2011, 17:23

I felt kind of screwed from the get-go, as I was in the center of the map, surrounded by other countries, face-to-face (or back-to-back, depending on how you look at it) with the Hapsburgs, with fewer units and SC. Now my demise was not based only on those factors, don't get me wrong, I take full credit for my destruction, but I was not optimistic when (not surprisingly) two of the five nations around me tried to ally against me on the first turn.
Other than the fact that I saw the Hapsburgs and the Poles getting shafted from day one, I think it is a good map. Maybe letting them be the ones to start with an extra unit? Or shifting the territories so they can't be rolled as quickly?
Mostly though, good map and good game.
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Postby vaderi » 19 Apr 2011, 21:37

I'm still waiting for Kinnivie to explain how to play Sweden and not get Curb stomped whenever Denmark feels like :| .

When the game started I looked in the archives at the two previous games and quickly realized that Sweden and Russia could make a pretty good team, I also realized I was essentially free SCs for Denmark unless I could gain several SCs fast. That was the main reason I went after Poland early on, I felt that Poland's position directly threatened all the neutral SCs Sweden has access to (and there are what? 1 or 2 at that) and I thought it was possible to get to southern Poland quickly. Russia offered me White Russia but I gave it to him instead, to firm up our alliance*. I decided that the next objective for me was Warsaw, what looked like a quick jaunt down to Warsaw was just that a quick jaunt but it was too late and Denmark was at the door. From 1602 to the end of 1604 was a nonstop whirlwind of schemes to stall and or defeat Denmark, none of which came to anything, it was here that Russia proved himself to be such a great ally, whenever I needed a SC he allowed me to take one (I'd come up with the idea as a stab and he'd just say take it :P ). In Spring 1605 I reached the point where Denmark and I had a actual truce and I could theoretically look elsewhere for possibilities, it should be mentioned that Spring 05 was Lotr_Freak's first none winter phase as the Habsburgs(I think), I had talked with him and I believed that we had an agreement (that I would help him and he would not take Warsaw). I was sure everything was fine until Fall orders came out and I'd lost Warsaw to Lotr_Freak :? :o the thing that surprised me was not that he stabbed me but that I was perfectly happy to support him into Bra and that rather than asking for my help against Denmark/Poland (neither of whom I had any reason to side with) he would rather stab me :| I never claimed to understand all the things people do but the whole thing seemed really really dumb to me. After that things spiraled out of my control as none of my SCs where in any sort of defensible position and I was surrounded by enemies (except Russia). The last straw for me was Russia's replacement, he quite rightly saw me as a free SC and gobbled up my remaining SCs.

I had very cordial relations with Argudas through just about my entire stay, I think (based upon what he said to me in PMs) that had he not gotten involved in fighting Spain and France I would have had a few more moves before the Danes assaulted me. I was in a crap position for the whole game and was never quite able to get out of it.

After I took Warsaw I tried to repair relations with Poland but it just never worked out.

Russia was my best and only ally in 1600 and I think we worked together perfectly (maybe Captain Twig sees it differently). It was similar to the idea of trying to walk up a ravine by putting one's back to the other and trusting.

France and Spain ahhhh, I never really got a working relationship going with either and it probably didn't matter. I could never get a straight answer from either and while I don't particularly expect straight answers in Diplomacy, Kian drove me crazy. I'm sorry about my rude message in 1604 or so, a number of other difficulties and the typical obfuscation from Kian combined to make me stupid and irritable.

England, I thought I had a bud of a alliance with. It was interrupted by Spain and France's attack upon him and his bout of insanity at the beginning of 1603.

I am very happy to have been able to play 1600 at all, thanks Kinnivie for sticking with us at least until I was dead and gone :lol: . I think that Sweden has to gain Pom and one of White Russia, Novgorod or Warsaw, the possibility of Prussia shifts the benefits to attacking Poland early on and once you have those 2 or three SCs you have to flip your focus back to Denmark and somehow take them by surprise, if you can do that without Russia or Poland (whoever you sided with early on) stabbing you in the back or losing SCs to the other then you're set for the rest of the game. Of course doing all that is just about impossible as far as I can tell, Sweden simply has too few neutral SCs that they can claim.

I'd love an explanation as to why Lotr_Freak stabbed/attacked me but I suspect that all I will get is "huh? we were working together?" :| :evil:

*I think the biggest mistake I made was not that I attacked Poland but that I insisted that Russia get White Russia :( I wasn't sure of Russia's alliance and I figured Warsaw was close enough to get in time.
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Postby Pedros » 27 Apr 2011, 08:22

In the absence of kininvie I've started this topic. I'm going to move the two AARs from the Winter 1613 thread to this one. As usual with these, the game will stay "Active" until it looks as though reports here have died down.
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Re: AARs

Postby Ceebs » 01 May 2011, 23:16

At some point, I will post my AAR for this game, so stay tuned. In the mean time...any word from the other players? France/Spain--I'd love to hear an explanation of your madness, hehe ;)
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